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Grrrr need to vent!!!

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Someone at work just emailed saying their kitty needs a new home because they have really bad allergies and they just can't keep the kitty any more.

Then they go on to say the kitty is a 9 year old who she rescued from feral life as a 4 week old kitten!!!! What the????!!?!?!

After having a cat for 9 years and probably getting VERY attached, how can you suddenly decide you have bad allergies and can't keep it?!?!

I wrote her back a long email asking just that, and saying the odds of someone wanting to adopt a 9 year old cat who doesn't like other animals are pretty low, and if she takes it to a shelter, odds are it'll either be euthanised or sit there for months on end, even if she is a sweet kitty.

I gave her a whole bunch if anti-allergy alternatives and I REALLY hope she reconsiders giving up her baby
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I don't understand that either.
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Sounds like an excuse to me - perhaps her new love interest is the one with allergies?
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In most cases, people don't really have allergies or don't really try to "curb" their allergies. It's easier to just get rid of the kitty....but 6 months down the road when they see another cute kitten....
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Doctors say that a lot, too. Mabye she's one of those people who believes everything her doctor says.

Hopefully, your iinfo about living with cats and allergies will help her!
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That does sound odd. Poor kitty. I couldn`t give up either of mine and they haven`t been with me that long.
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That stinks. Poor 9 y/o "kitty" !! I hate that when ppl use allergies as an excuse!!
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After 9 years, I find it hard to believe the allergy story too.
I've known all along about mine, and I do what I can to keep them from getting really bad.
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There's just no excuse for that

My bf has mild allergies to cats but he is willing to do whatever it takes for us to have one. We have a hepa vacuum, wood floors, etc. and he will take medication when necessary.

The poor kitty
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Sometimes I think there is more to a story than mentioned. Maybe she is too embaressed to say the real reason for giving up kitty. I think there is something very wrong with people who can give up a kitty of that age and having had this sweetie since a kitten. If you tried taking my 14 year old Misty who I've had since about 6 weeks old, it would be like pulling my heart right out of my chest, I guess some people just don't really care and that really urks me, I hope the kitty finds a good home that will last forever as this home should've been.
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That is so sad. We came upon a cockerspaniel in the shelter that way. She was 7 and the owner "just didn't feel and love for her anymore"!! I hope someone can take her kitty and offer it a family that love it unconditionally.
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people ad their excuses it just makes me so mad! A 9 year old kittie I do agree i think theirs more to the story than she is saying! People these days
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