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Laser Pointer

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I am continually impressed with Java's intelligence, especially when it comes to playing with his toys. However, whenever I try to get in some interactive play time, he just kind of looks at me blankly or stretches out wanting to be petted. I was worried he didn't get enough exercise, so I experimented with a laser pointer. He seems to love it, chasing it around the apartment with great fervor, looking for it for a little while after I turn it off, even. However, I wonder if it's frustrating for a cat to chase something it can never catch. Will this cause my cat to be depressed after a while after failing to get it or cause any other sorts of neurosis?
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Try to end the game of chase the red dot on a toy. That way there is a "catch" at the end. That may also help your sweet baby realize the game is over.
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I think as long as its not over used you should be fine. I can't use it too long in the house; Ling "talks" to the light and she and Charlie love to catch it on the wall.

However, Keno (the lab) also gets into the act and pounces - don't want her 60 lbs pouncing on the cats, so its a little difficult using the laser when all 3 are playing.
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My cat Hemmy never seems to mind. I think the thrill is in the hunt for him. He knows the distinctive click sound the pointer makes and hurries in to hunt it. He knows that I control the dot.

I guess it's probably a lot like them "catching" a toy that they don't actually get to kill or eat.
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All of the cats I've ever had, have always known that I am controlling the red light. I also give PHX a treat after we play, so it's kind of like a reward... I don't tell PHX when the game is over... we play until he gets too tired and just crashes!
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