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Cystitis... when to call the vet?

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Well... my Simba had 12 good days and now he is back to having his urinary symptoms again. He started on Saturday night with jumping in and out of the litter box and just having the dribbles and little pees. I gave him some Metacam on Sunday morning and he slept most of the day and was pretty good last night. Then this morning he started again with being aggitated and jumping in and out of the boxes frequently. I don't know where to go from here... he was diagnosed with what the vet called "Sterile Cystitis", and she did say it would come and go. She also said to call her if the symptoms went on for more then a few days.

I'm just wondering if these flareups are something that run their course after a few days or if I should call her. I don't want to seem like a pest and call her for every minor thing, but it's hard to know what to do. He has urinated regularly today along with the little dribbles, so he is going. I hesitate to give him too much of the Metacam because of the side effects, but it seems to be the only thing that makes him comfortable
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I think it wouldn't hurt to call the vet if you are worried. Describe his symptoms to her, and confirm that you should give the Metacam for a few days. So sorry for Simba's recurring problems.
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A blocked male cat can die if they are not taken immediately when showing symptoms of UTI - only takes about 48 hrs! So call the vet and have him checked as quick as you can.

You don't wait around on the males having problems peeing!
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I agree with GoldenKitty. With males, it is always an emergency unfortunately. The sterile cystitis will have symptoms the same as a blockage, so you can't assume it is the cystitis, just in case it isn't.

I have a female that has cystitis for 12 years. Finally, getting her on an all wet food diet and giving her cosequin daily she has been stable for 6 months (knock on wood).

I don't know what you are feeding Simba, but talking about all wet food for him might be worth checking into with the vet.

Hope Simba is feeling better soon.
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My vet says to just watch him closely and as long as he is urinating he should be ok. She showed me how to feel the bladder, although he is so small I'm not sure what I'm feeling. She said it would feel really big and hard. Along with the symtoms he does continue to urinate. He has already gone his normal amount 2 times today.

Can they be blocked if they are still urinating? I'm confused.... I thought blocked meant that they are not able to urinate at all.

Kittymonsters... do you think the Cosequin has helped? Simba has been on it for about 3 weeks now, but my vet said it would take 6-8 weeks before it started to work.
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I am glad Simba is doing ok. You are correct, they are not blocked if they are still urinating. However, sometimes when they are blocked they go in and out of the box, but are not actually urinating. So it looks like they are peeing often but in fact they are not going at all. With the Cystitis, they get those bladder spasm that gives that urge to go, but sometimes their bladder is actually empty so it may appear as if they are blocked.

It is excellent that your vet showed you how to check Simba's bladder. That is really the way to tell the difference. If the bladder is big and full, despite frequent trips to the litter box that indicates a blockage.

On to the Cosequin. In my opinion it has made all the difference in the world for her. I do use the actualy brand Cosequin, as it is the one the actually studies were carried out with. The theory behind it is very interesting.

Zoe's bladder wall is extremely thick from 12 years of chronic irritation, she had her first bout of cystitis at 6 months old. Her last severe episode I actually though she may have ended up with bladder cancer. This is when she was put on the Cosequin. It took about 6 weeks before I could say with certainty that it seemed to be working. She is like a different cat now. She actually no longer walks slightly hunched from pain. She urinates normally and a good volume and has gone to running around like a kitten again.

Zoe will stay on the Cosequin for the rest of her life. I have found a really great deal on it through Amazon. Just go to Amazon and type in Cosequin for Cats, you can get 4, 80 pill packs for $53 I think it was. This is half of what I was paying through Great Western.
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Thanks for the info. That's a great deal on the Cosequin! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I see some improvement after a few months on the new prescription diet and the Cosequin.
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