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OH GOD OH GOD... she has a lot of white stuff on her goodies and she's always meowing at me, and sometimes screaming, she just woke me up she came and jumped on me, i put her in the box fed her some wet food put fresh water down along with dry food, she keeps calling me when i turn away from her... what should i do..
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Has she given birth? I'd call your vet asap and have her checked out?
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not yet, she's just meowing, some yellowish stuff just come out, she laying on her back with her legs spread open and she seems to be pushing.. is this normal..
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Was she due soon, sounds like they are coming! Do you have a rectal thermometer to see if her temp. has changed? Hope everything goes well sending easy birthing vibes.
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Bird always wanted me right there with her, next to the box where she was going to have the kittens, and complained quite loudly and chased me down whenever I would get up to go to the bathroom. When Meggie went into labor with her kitten, she came hollering at the window for us to come back in the house and sit with her (I let my DH do the honors this time, as she likes him the best ). She may just want you there, but if you are in doubt, call the vet . I'm sure your call won't be the first one they've gotten from the mom of a pregnant cat .

Edit: just read the part about looking like she's pushing- I've never seen a cat do that on her back- but sounds like labor! Will she let you put your hand on her tummy? You should be able to feel when she has a contraction . Prayers going up for healthy kittens and a safe delivery!
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yeah now she's making like wierd sounds like a pushing sounds, and she's always meowing when i look away...
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The only problem is, they speak ONLY speak french and when i try to describe it to them, they have no idea what i'm talking about.... and my french is lousy...
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Okay now there's something coming out, it's like a mauve color, it's coming out little by little this is the plecenta right...
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Here they come! Take deep breaths...
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how exciting i hope it goes well!!!
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Congratulations And.. GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted, I can't wait to see pics!
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do we have babies????? whats going on? i hope everything is ok. best wishes to you and your baby
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I actually had babies, well middie had babies around 2 she started, and ended around 6, with 5 beautiful healthy babies.
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Oh boy! How wonderful! I'm so glad it all went so well, after such a scare you had. Congratulations, grandma!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Oh boy! How wonderful! I'm so glad it all went so well, after such a scare you had. Congratulations, grandma!
Thank you, I feel Great knowing everything went well!
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Thank you! GoodLuck with Olivia!
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