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Has anyone been watching this new show? I have been watching since the season premiere and it is awesome! It is on Sunday night at 10:00 PM on NBC. It is a crime show, but different in that it shows the events from multiple characters views. Really interesting and the show topics are very realistic.

Sunday night used to be horrible for television (IMHO), but now I look forward to Sunday nights! Six Feet Under at 8:00 (HBO), The Sopranos at 9:00 (HBO) and Boomtown at 10:00 (NBC). What a GREAT way to end the weekend!!!

T-minus 16 minutes and counting til Six Feet Under!

OH!!! Did anyone watch the season premiere of 24 on Tuesday??? AWESOME! That was my #1 show last year and I couldn't WAIT for this season to begin. Was definitely worth the wait. I ask you...could Kiefer Sutherland be any sexier??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
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I have not gotten around to watching BoomTown yet, but it looks really good. I watched parts of 24 on Tuesday, and it seemed pretty good. I never watched it last year, because I was working nights.
American Dreams is a great show. I am really disappointed Fox cancelled the Girls Club! I guess it's rating dropped really bad from last week. I wish they would have given it a chance!
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They canceled Girls Club already? What can they really tell from 2 weeks of a show being on?!?! I swear, those executives at Fox... grrr.

Carla we have almost the same Sunday night viewing schedule! LOL I watch Six Feet Under at 6:00, Sopranos at 7:00, Law & Order: Criminal Intent at 8:00 and Boomtown at 9:00.
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Figures! Although I have to tape Law & Order CI cause it's on the same time as the Sopranos. But that's OK...gives me something to watch on Monday night!

Oh...and what happened to Law & Order Crime & Punishment? I started watching that over the summer on Sunday nights at 10:00...but then it just disappeared? Was it a short term fill in show or something?

That was a GREAT show too. Boo Hoo!!!
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I was wondering that too. I really liked that show. I think it may have been a summer filler so they didn't have reruns. Hopefully they will bring it back at least for next summer. It may be a cheap show to make (no actor's salaries) but it takes a lot longer to film one episode. I was wondering how they were going to do that with episodes for the whole year.
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