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Sammi (and Wally)

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Ok, I'm a new member and it's time to show off my best friend, Sammi. I posted pictures in the new member's forum, so sorry for repeats.

I found Sammi when I was picking blackberries one summer day. His eyes were still closed, and there was no mother to be found. Here he is soon after. I still don't know how he got out to our remote country road.

That was actually 15 years ago. He's an old man now, but still pretty active and feisty. We had several cats at the time, but since he was so young, he spent his kitten years in our house. My mother didn't allow our other pets inside. So Sammi became spoiled. He could go in and out of the house, but the other cats, Newton and Sugar, were kind of scared of what was inside the door.

Here he is at about six years old.

He loves scratching things, especially presents. At Christmas he always hangs out under the tree and occaisionally damages a few presents. My mother has a wooden chicken-in-a-basket decoration on the floor, with some plastic eggs in it, and Sammi loves jumping on it and swatting at the eggs.

This is my friend's cat, Wally. I consider him "mine" just because I spend so much time at their place and it's like a second home to me. Wally usually looks wide-eyed, with a permanent "spooked" expression. Here he is in bad need of a bath. (Which he absolutely hates.)
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Beautiful cats! Sammi was such an adorable little kitten!
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Welcome and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! And thank you for adopting that precious bundle of fur 15 years ago!
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aww Sammi was like a baby polar bear when he was a tiny baby - so sweet
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awe what cuties, sammi is such a cutie and that kitten pick is o my and all of wally's fur, they are both just such cuties
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Yeah, they're both so adorable.

I never thought about it but I guess Sammi does look like a polar bear in that picture. The vet said that he would always be a runt, since he could fit in your palm when I found him, and he would be growing up without his mother's milk. But he got fat and big!
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Aren't those babies gorgeous!!
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They are both gorgeous, good thing you found Sammi, he's a thriver to be out there all alone and so tiny Awwww
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