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Agreed, you shouldn't withhold water. That can be dangerous.

Did the vet specifically say to withhold water? Maybe it was a miscommunication. The standard advice for cats about to undergo a procedure is to withhold food only.
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You would think it would be standard, but apparently it isn't always given during the procedure so it's good to ask to double check. Some vets give the option to not give it afterwards either (probably to save clients money so the clients will agree to the procedure in the first place). It's just a good idea to check.
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Hi Everyone,

Just got back from dropping off Rambo...Talk about nervewracking!! I feel so bad for him, he was so scared... I didn't want to leave him, especially when I have these thoughts that it was the last time I was going to see him

They will be doing the blood work and if there's anything negative they will call me and I'll just go pick him up. If I don't hear anything, I can assume the procedure is taking was awful this morning.. I shut myself in the bathroom and got ready.. he was meowing for water.. When I opened the door he was sooooo happy to see me open it, but I had to just grab him and put him in the carrier... He was probably so hurt...
I am so upset now...

Please everyone think of him today.... I will let you know how it all turns out...

Again, you all have been so helpful and I thank you!!!

Cloud Shade - Stupid me forgot about the painkiller question... When I talk to them later I'll make sure to ask...
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oh, one more thing... they specifically said on the instructions no food or water after midnight... I think that was harder for him than the food, he loves to drink out of the faucet...
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Hi Everyone,

Just got the call from the vet's office. Rambo is waking up fine from the anesthesia and I can pick him up around 3;30 today!! He had 4 extractions... not so bad I guess....

Thank you all so much for helping to ease my mind... I hope this is what all the head shaking and scratching was about!!!!!
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I'm glad to hear Rambo did well!
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Good boy Rambo ....
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Thank you so much WCL and Sharky!!! I'm sooo relieved, I think I'm going to cry!!!
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i am so pleased to hear that!!!
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thanks so much Booktigger!!!!! You all helped me so much!
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Got the pain medication... would you believe they didn't charge me for it?
Also, they took out 4 teeth, but since 3 of them basically fell out, they only charged me for 1 extraction. Pretty reasonable!!!!

He's mad at me, but seems to be ok, he keeps hitting his face with his paw though after he takes a few bites of food, I guess that's normal, right?
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I'm so glad to hear all went well! Here's to a speedy recovery.
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