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Feline Acne

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Poor Radar, I noticed the white part of his chin was looking a bit grey and upon closer inspection I saw that he hadn't got into something a bit mucky, but that he has a touch of feline acne. It's not that bad, there's no inflammation, just little yucky black flakes.

I use stainless steel bowls but they're now a bit old and scratched so as soon as the shops are open tomorrow I thought I'd run out and get some tough glass/pyrex to replace them all.

But what else can I do for him? Nothing is open today, but I feel I should clean the flakes off his chin but what to use that is safe? I can't run out and buy anything as everywhere's shut but I could make up a saline solution if that would be better than doing nothing.

PS - It goes without saying that if he gets any inflammation or it gets worse or spreads he will be straight to the vet but that is not an option today, it's very minor and only the emergency vet is open - and this is by no stretch of the imagination an emergency!
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When Jaffa had a mild outbreak of acne I just washed his chin twice a day with mild soap and it cleared up.
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Many thanks! I will pick up some unscented soap tomorrow, I'm assuming something like Simple or Johnson's baby soap/shampoo is best. I can see Radar going off chin-scritches after a couple of days of that!

The other thing I forgot to ask - is it contagious at all? If it's to do with the sebaceous glands I'm assuming it isn't unless it's inflamed and got infected! My boys do have a lot of physical contact when they are wrestling
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Acne is not contagious. I use peroxide on my cats chin once a day.
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I just used a vegetable soap I had in the bathroom. I rubbed a bit of soap onto a finger and rubbed it on his chin then wiped it off with a dampened cotton wool pad. Quick and easy.
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Cool thanks for the help! We have loads of fancy soaps and bath stuff (I blame Nate, he's addicted to LUSH! ) but nothing that would be ok to put on the cat so I will pick up something plain on the way home.
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