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Well, I finally got my website up and running. Just a web gallery with pics of the furbabies.

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Myste...GREAT pics! Thanks so much for sharing the link! Here is my personal favorite:

TOO cute!

Oh, BTW...someone suggested to me when I first started posting on TCS to add your name to the bottom of your posts. It's nice to be able to refer to someone byt their real name, instead of their user name. Just a thought!
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I'm not sure which image you liked, as I don't think Tripod allows you to link off-site. And thanks for the tip, I'll put it in my signature, now that I've figured out how to do them
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Great pics, Myste! Your kitties are so adorable!
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You don't see the pic?? I can see it when I view the post. Hmmm...anyway it is the pic of both kitties snuggling on the windowsill. ADORABLE!!!!

Tigger...do you see the pic I tried to link to from Marcy's website?
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I just see an "image hosted by tripod" logo.
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Wow that is strange. Wonder why I can see it? I didn't download the pic to my PC...just copied the link. Weird...
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I think it's weird too, because I CAN see it!!!! I wonder why they can't?????

Anyway....great website!! I like the picture Carla posted here, too!
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I can't see it either!!???!?!?! Great pics though!! Great site!!
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We found a way around the issue of sites not allowing off site image linking. Tis naughty, but meh, who cares, it works and they are none the wiser. It hardly effects their bandwidth, if at all.

Anyway if you can see the image below here's how it's done:

You need to add the following line BEFORE your picture link:

http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ so the give an example it would look like this, note without the spaces after and before [img] tags

[img] http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ Then here you'd put the usual image URL and end it with [/img]

LOL I hope I did that right :P
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They are so sweet! They obviously love each other because they are always snuggling together! My fav pic is the 1 in the bathtub!
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They are beautiful, wish I could have another cat but Suki would attack it She hates other cats.

Your cats are so lovely, and you're so lucky
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Ooo BuNN you're bad!!! :laughing: But now I can see the pic!! Thanks!! and how cute is that!??!
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Wow cool! Thanks for the tip
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Marcy, they are purrfect pals, aren't they? Just gorgeous. I love the ones of them hugging on the windowsill, too. So precious!!
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I still don't understand why I could see it in Carlas post, and noone else could...weird.
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Your kitties are SOOO cute! They will be best friends forever

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