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Butterball & Babies

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Butterball and her babies are doing great! The only thing that puzzles me is that I find that she has put them in her litter box several times a day when I go to check on them. Is this unusual? Every time I put them back in the nest and she will go back to nursing them and then a few hours later they are back in the litter box. Of course, I'm keeping it really clean. Should I not worry about this?

Here are a few pics:

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aww bless her, what a proud mummy!! maybe she's trying to train them early
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Not sure why she would do that unless she thinks they will try to use it!

Such adorable babies!
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Well, I'm hoping that it is the protection thing here and that is why she is doing this since the litter box is completely enclosed. I know she is worried about the other cats in the house (even though there are two doors between them and her). I decided to take a box and cut out a little door and have put them in there. When I went home to do this at lunch today, they were in the litter box again.
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yeah i was trying to write to you earlier,but something came up. Anyway i was going to let you know that My mother always told me as a little girl,that if i touched the kittens too much the mother would try to hide them. it is just a pertection mech. she will be fine. the babys will be ok.
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P.s. on my way through south carolina Saturday i'm pickin up the kitties..LOl
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What a beautiful family.....more pics!
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aww they are such sweethearts
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awww what cuties, Congrats!!!!
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Butterball looks -exactly- like my Java! Beautiful mama and babies!
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~Do you have new updated pics of the bunch? Im curious to watch yours grow as mine do since they are same age...even down to the hours haha. I LOVE the spotted grey one in the middle. Im a sucker for spashly and flashy colors.~
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I am going to take photos of them tomorrow since they will be 1 week old tomorrow. I'll post them on Monday (I don't have a PC at home and only get on here at work). I am going to look at your new pics right now!
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They are really sweet little kittens and Mommy looks happy and proud of her growing brood! Keep those photos coming, please!
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Awwwwww! They are so adorable! What sweet little babies! And what a beautiful mama kitty.
I was just thinking about the litter box thing, do you think the kittens might inhale some of the litter if they're sort of helpless and can't stand themselves up? I'm not sure, just wondering if it's a concern.
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Thanks everyone!

Butterball finally stopped putting the kits in the litter box. I moved it by the door and put a box that I made for them (with a hole cut out) in the place where the litter box was. I drape a towel over the hole so they have complete privacy. It has worked really well so far.
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Ohhhhhhhh! Absolutely darling!
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Momma is soooo pretty and I love her name
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Gorgeous babies ! Glad everything went well!
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Very pretty kitties. I'm looking forward to seeing the updated pics you talked about taking
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The kittens are doing great! I will post their 10 day pics tomorrow. All of them are starting to open their eyes now. One started on day 7 and the others on day 8 and 9. They are about twice the size they were when they were born with the exception of one of the gray and whites. He is so much smaller than the rest, but looks healthy. We call him Baby. Amber (my daughter) named the black & white (the one with more white) Mumble after the penguin in Happy Feet. She named the grey and white one with the white spot on the back Bibble (after a character in a Barbie movie) and she named the black & white (with mostly black) Lisa. She just loves that name and names all her stuffed animals Lisa. This kitten (Lisa) look identical to mommy Butterball, exact same markings. Lisa is Amber's favorite and she is now trying to talk me into keeping her (the only girl of the bunch). I promise, I will post 10 day pics tomorrow!
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Such cute names! I can't wait to see the new pictures
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Here are the 10 day old pics of the Butterball Bunch!

Here they are all together. From left to right you have Mumble, Bibble, Lisa & Baby

This is Mumble (named after the penguin in Happy Feet):

This is Bibble

This is Lisa (the only girl in the bunch and she has the exact same markings as her mom Butterball):

Finally, this is Baby (the baby of the bunch):
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They are beautiful. Such little cuties and i love their colouring and names.
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They are adorable really nice colouring,They are getting chubby,I love the first few weeks of there life there so darn cute.

Im still waiting on Cally!
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Awww! They are so beautiful!!!
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Last night the kittens started playing with each other. It was so cute watching them. I can't wait till they start to run around and get into everything (or can I??). LOL
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They are lovely, I adore it when they start running and bouncing all over the place. They have me in stitches.

They grow so quickly..... enjoy them while you can

Emma x x x x
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Oh I love kitties. yours are soooooo adorable!! Maybe someday my boyfriend will let me He says their too much of a pain in the *** but it's not like he's the one that takes care of the animals right!?!?! But yours are sooo cute! Congratulations- keep those pictures coming.
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