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Ok, headphone issues

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I have three `ports' in the back of my computer for headphones/speakers etc. It appears that only one of them works, the central one. It's the one my speakers are currently plugged into. If I want to use my headphones, I have to unplug the speakers and plug the cans into the same port. Which is difficult because I have to be a contortionist to get to the back of my computer and then feel around blindly for the right spot - the computer's in an awkward spot and hard to get to.

There is a headphone jack at the front of the computer as part of the D drive but it doesn't work.

Am I being totally dense or will I have to go through the changing-of-the-jacks every time I want to use my headphones?? . Oh, the speakers don't have a headphone jack, either. That would be handy

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I solved that one by getting speakers with an earphone port in the front, or (and they are hard to find) you can get USB ones
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Ohhhhh dear! I thought that might be the case! These are brand new speakers!! Thanks for answering so quickly.

I just wondered if there was a way to configure those jacks on the back of my computer that aren't giving me any output - I mean, why are they there, otherwise??
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one is for your microphone the other if you have a double set of speakers but I think they need to both be plugged in as they only have surround sound type sound
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Ahhh I see! Thanks
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check to see if you have speaker jacks in the front of the computer,
most of the newer will have headphone and mic jacks in the front, they may be under a cover next to a usb port
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Yes I looked and found those (that's exactly where they were!) - but neither of them work for the headphones Do I have to configure them in some way?
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It sounds like something may be wrong with your sound card
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if there is a speaker jack in the front and its not working,
then it sounds like they are no hooked up on the mb.
what type of computer do you have? home bulit, dell etc? how old.
if its a name brand, get in touch with the people who made it. If home bulit, take it apart and check how its wired.

and one more really dumb thing, are we sure the headphone jack is the right size?
oh wait you said it works with the back so nevermind that one.
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