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mother,kittens and another kitten

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I was wondering if any of you can help.I just want your feedback/opinions on the following:

My cat has 4 lovely fluffy kittens they are 4 weeks old and will be re homed in another 4-6weeks.she will then have the "op" rest and then 3 weeks later we will be bringing home a 12wk old.how will she react(well i can imagine)but do you think that mother hood might make her a bit more relaxed and perhaps maternal to new kitten.
Also what are your views for introducing them to each other?I ask as I have read alot of conflicting info on this matter.
By the way she is still play biting the kittens who then scream-If happens again(they are all asleep)I will seperate.
Thanks to all
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firstly since they are only 4 weeks old , i would suggest you keep hold of them for another 6-8 weeks would be better to wait the 8 weeks if possible.
shecan be spayed when the kittens are about 8 weeks old , depending on the vet , some vets like the mums milk to have dried up first , others dont see this as a problem.

before you bring home a kitten , just see how she goes with the biting of her own kittens first.

but in the case you do bring home a new kitten then i would confine the kitten to a bedroom , laundry room or bathroom for at least a week before intros begin , this way they will be able to smell each other , but not face to face. im not sure where it is , but there is a great thread on intros with a new cat which will be a great read. and so much advise is in there.

please dont seperate the kittens unless you really have to as there barley weened yet and still have so much to learn from mum. unless of course like i have said if she is drawing blood ect..
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hi thanks.Oh no no!!I wont be tossing them out!!
We have used the standard approach of a minimum of 8 weeks with a view in my opinion of extending that by another 2-4 wks making them 10-12 wks old depending on that.These little creatures are not going anywhere till they are fully weaned and happy to be independent.Thing is she is a great mother but I get the feeling she is over enthusiastic and she is very playful-only thing being that her play is too rough.so when i tell her to stop she does seem to lok at me as Why?im just playing.Dont worry there not going anywhere till they are ready.I am looking at prospective owners tho so i can assure they ahev a good home with everyth they need in the future.

We wil be bringing back a baby bengala and the house is on four floors so plenty of space.i will seperate them and the breeder is giving new kitten's blanket for scent.also been suggested to let them meet for a few mins via cat carrier which is wicker -so perfect.
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sounds like you have been given good advise from the bengal breeder. jealouse thats your getting a begnal lol.
thats good to hear that you will be keeping them till there 10-12 weeks old . and that your looking for homes now.

i think your worrying over nothing (we all do it) wouldnt be good cat mummys if we didnt.
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Hi Thanks!
Im very close to our little creature and want her to be happy(naturally)so the meeting is important also that new baby gets the best attention too without feeling it has intruded-ideally for them to be friends-how nice would that be?

As far as the kittens,I have barely slept last 4 weeks but its been great and only just begun to leave the house last week.people think i have become a hermit.

I cant wait for baby bengal.I went to see her an she is so beautiful-we have a huge wait-couple months+!!

Further I really want to post some snaps of mother and babies cos they are gorgeous-no ida how to.i guess i will search
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i normally use this site for downloading pics
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cheers for that will check it out.still to take snaps of them for the potential owners,i have some but think they could be better.good news-no biting tonight!!
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