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clump litter?

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Is clump litter safe to use? Does anyone use it?
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Do you mean a litter that clumps up the little "messes"? Yes I use Scoop Away Fresh Crystals clumping litter. It is the best that I have found so far. It clumps very well which makes cleaning the litter box a little easier...and has enough of a scent to keep it from smelling foul. I am a fanatic about the litter box anyway...I check and scoop anything I see almost every time I go into the kitchen! I know that is probably overkill...but I just hate the thought of Jedi walking around in "stuff", and since the only place we had to put his litter box when we got him was in the kitchen...I just DO NOT want to smell THAT when I am in preparing our meals, so I am constantly cleaning his box. Arm & Hammer clumps well also. From what I have read here and on other websites, clumping litter is perfectly safe to use.

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I use WalMart's Special Kitty Scoopable. Works fine, keeps down odor and its cheap. I buy it in 22-lb. boxes. I, also, add some carpet deodorizer, to the litter.
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Is is OK to add carpet doedorizer to the litter box? I had never thought of that and I suppose it WOULD help keep the smell down...but is it safe for the kitties???
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I use that type of litter and it's fine.
Works very well and makes it much easier to clean .
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Been using it, for years and everybody has been healthy and happy. The primary ingredient is baking soda, with some scent added. Its cheaper than Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh, too.
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I use it and I love it!
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From what I have heard, I am against clumping litter.

My breeder gave me some articles and thoughts on the litter issue. She said the "human" convenience is not worth the risks. Many cats, especially kittens, have experienced life threatening symptoms because of inhaling and ingesting the litter.

Kittens sometimes eat and inhale the dust of this litter. At that point, the product expands with the moisture in the kittens system and becomes a serious mass which the body does not get rid of. Of course, the ultimate result is death. My breeder, along with a host of others have petitioned the makers of the product.

Adult cats have been known to die also. Beyond ingestion, cats will automatically clean themselves and their paws. Even little bits of litter, which is lodged between their toes, can become a serious issue once ingested (over and over). As soon as moisture makes contact with it in their systems, it becomes a very hard, undigestable mass!

Of course there are many people who never experience any problems and would not even worry. But I've read the articles, heard my breeders opinion. After my research I'm against it. The convenience is not worth the risk in my opinion.
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Wow...I had not heard that before...that it is dangerous...I use it all the time! Even for my hedgehog!! (he uses a litterpan as well) Now I am worried. But Merlin doesn't really use his litterpan very often, since he prefers to be let outside to do his I am probably safe. Thanks for the info, though!!!! I am sure most of us did not know this!!!!
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I tried the clumping litter for Kiki when she was younger. Kiki had a problem with playing in the litter box so I though this might help. Well I didn't like if very well because she would step in it and the litter would not wash off. I had to cut the litter out of her hair on her paws. I use Yesterdays News and it is the best. It covers up odors great.
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I too have heard and read the articles about clumping litter. But further research has shown me, that is in indeed safe to use. There are articles peppered all over the Internet about the pros and cons of it, so it is just best to do all the research and then decide.

If you have baby kittens and you are using clumping litter and they have not yet mastered the litter pan manners, simply clipping the long hair off their rumps will stop any litter from forming there.

When I rescued a declawed kitty, I stopped using clumping litter as it hurt her paws to use it. But just read the research and decide for yourself if you want to use it or not.

Here is an informative webpage on it:

lisaviolet-clumping litter
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The litter I use seems to clump although it isn't advertised as "clumping" litter, but I've noticed all the references to odour. I've never had a problem there. I don't use any particular brand and Barney only uses it at night if he gets caught short, but there is no smell at all. I turf it out each week if he's used it and the tray has a plastic liner so I don't know if that helps. He was pretty diabolical with it when he was first learning to use it and would kick litter all over the place! I don't know what he was doing in there. Mind you, he is rather fond of kicking things out of boxes, trays etc.
Diann in Australia
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I have one framed pan and one covered one. Rowdy, still, manages to throw litter all over the laundry room. Then, when I'm sweeping it up, she attacks the broom. Maybe, she was a Navajo, in a past life and this is her way of sandpainting.
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LOL cats are so cute when they are doing their 'business'. The high speed digging and the scattering of litter all over the place is a sight to behold

We standard litter, it does clump but only when she piddles on it.
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I had stated I love this litter. Being a breeder I guess I better clairify how I use it. I only use it for my adult cats NOT for kittens. I buy regular clay litter for the kittens. This way we have no problems.
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Swheat Cat Litter

I think this stuff is magic!

* Clumping BUT made out of wheat so if your kitten eats/licks it is safe and will not upset their tummies!!

* You can flush it down the tiolet (woohoo, no stinky trash cans!)

* Non-toxic to cats and enviornment

(since it has not scent, I use it with Tidy Cat litter deoratorizer!)

(a little more expensive, but I think its worth every penny!)
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Where do you buy that Lizza?

Thanks for the link Hissy! I think I have decided it is safe for Merlin to use.
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Why do cats automatically do thier bussiness in a litter box that you just cleaned? You haven't even taken two steps away from the box and their in it! So you stand there till they're done because you just cleaned it and you may as well scoop that out too! :tounge2:
I like scoopable. It's economical especially if you have several cats. I like tidy scoop multiple cat formula. The best thing I ever got was a LitterMaid! Have any of you had one? Unfortunately I accidentally broke mine. If I had the $ I'd get another one.
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Litter maids that is! They are really great! Can you order new parts for the one that broke? The first one I got broke because a wire pulled out from a sealed area and the store I got it at replaced it.
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can you get the 25 lb bag of swheat scoop at Petsmart? I see it online for 13.99, but in the store all I could find was a 6 lb bag for 8.99 ;(
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here is a link- just scroll down till you get to Swheat Scoop


I know- shameless plugger that's me!
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No I tried to fix it myself like an idiot. It's long gone. I really want another one !
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OKay.. here's a little trick....

If you put down an inch or so of the clumping litter, then use regular old arm & hammer baking powder, put down a layer of that, then another layer of litter, you'll find that it works VERY well at controlling odors. The type of food you feed will realy make a diff too.... Oh the ONLY problem I have found is that it does make it a bit dusty when cleaning, but if you run the vacuum hose near the box, that's taken care of as well.
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