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Royal canin

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hi re post as think posted this in wrong place but read today that RC products in US and canada are causing deaths in cats and dogs due to excessive vitamin d and too much calcium.does anyone know more on this subject and is it to affect UK as well?
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Haven't heard anything about it.

I will check!
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how will i find out as i use royal canin
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I believe this was an isolated case. I feed RC, and so does Charlie's breeder - if there was a problem with it, then she would notify me immediately
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we also use this and will be using for the new baby kitten so i am worried.Im sorry to disagree-im not scare mongering but i do believe that there are more than one opinion and want to check it out.people have been freaking out over it and saying things such as "have you seen all the stuff written about them on the internet"anyway its worth investigating.After all in the 1920's no one thought it was dangerous to smoke
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Only some veterinary diets are affected. The recall information can be found here: http://www.michigan.gov/mda/0,1607,7...3158--,00.html
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actually affecting canada too.There is a law suit petitioned 20/21march.Have people there so will inform...
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Why does Royal Canin not have this on their website?
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This appears to be an old recall. If you look at the info the best by dates are 2007 which means that the product was manufactured and probably sold 2 to 3 years ago (which explains why I can't find the original recall notice on the FDA site, I did find one of their Enforcement reports dated May 3, 2006 that listed the recall as ongoing but that was a year ago).
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