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Portia and Diesel

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My babies were actually showing some love to each other today!

Then it was yawn time

First for Diesel

Then for Portia

Diesel looking out the new window

Diesel looking really cute

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awe those pics are so cute, and what cuties u have
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i love all the pics of Diesel curling up his little toes!
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Lovely kitties! And man, those cat's white bits really are white!
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Lovely pictures.
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So cute! I love sleepy kitty picts!!
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awww those are very cute.
getting yawn pics is hard, i have noticed
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Awww... I love those sleeping Diesel pics!!
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Great photos - love the yawns. Now we know, yawning is contagious in cats as well as humans! Diesel has a "toe freckle" just like my Mollie does!
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great photos, I love the one of Diesel looking out of the window - look at his back legs - aww so sweet, and give that tum some rubs from us
Sweet Portia is a such a cutie too
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Thanks guys!

I just love my little babies!
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Look at Diesel stretch!
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