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Hand pain

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For about 45 minutes my right hand has been driving me nuts. It's hurting a lot, from my fingers to my wrist to just before my elbow. Here's a picture of where it hurts in my hand:

I don't want to take an aspirin (or whatever), because I have to take 2 pills before I go to bed and I don't want them not working as well because of the aspirin.
Anyone have an idea of what this could be? First thing that came to mind was carpal tunnel.
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Yep, you need a doctor for a diagnosis but that is the same location as the ulnar nerve, the same nerve usually damaged in carpal tunnel.

You might try some ibuprofen, but if the aspirin isn't helping at all, ibuprofen might not either. Good luck... I hope you can find something that helps! My mother-in-law has it and it was quite the hassle until she got it fixed surgically.
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You may have also spained it somehow. Lifted something too heavy but didn't realise it. I've been having pain in my left wrist on and off for a few months. Only hurts when it's bent or I put pressure on it. When I go to the DR next I'm going to have her check it out for me. Figuring it's just strain or sprain. You are pretty young right Moz? Under 18 if I remember correctly.. Check this link out, and possibly this and this. Hopefully it will help either confirm or regect the possibility of carpal tunnel. Good luck and I hope the pain goes away soon.
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My boyfriend had that happen to him about a year ago. He went to an acupucturist, who did some treatment, then he had to wear a small magnet on his wrist for a few days. It totally cleared it up, believe it or not.

If you go, do some research and choose someone who comes recommended.

Ibuprofen (Advil) should help. It's the wonder pill in my opinion.
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+1 for guess as carpal tunnel. That's where my right hand hurts after using tools or the mouse too much, like, right now.
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I get that kind of pain too....I attribute mine to RSI (repetitive strain injury) - it happens when im on the PC for too long and my hand and arm are not supported well while using the mouse.

It really hurts! And i notice it only appears during/after I've been using the PC. Some times it can take hours or days for the pain to wear off....but it does eventually.

I need to sort out the layout of my pc work station really to avoid this kind of thing.

Do you think that could be whats happening to you too? The pain you describe and the areas where you are affected are resoundingly similar to me.
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it could be, carpal tunnel however it does not normally start that way.
but the area you have marked i would say, move your arm from how you have it. it looks like you have pinched the nerve up around the elbow.
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Carpal Tunnel Symdrome maybe? That sounds like how it started in my hands.
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Have you done a new activity recently??? I have been painting on top of my landscape pruning so my wrist is more tender than normal. I'm going to start wearing my brace at night again.
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Sounds like a pinched nerve of some kind in your elbow to me too, . Been there...Sometimes when I get an IV, they can hit a nerve there, and ooo weee! that smarts- just where you said .
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It sounds like carpal tunnel possibly. I have the same thing. Does your hands fall asleep as well? I have been getting anti inflammatories, and cortizone shots in my wrist for my problem(they are aweful shots) but they help.
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