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UTI and Clavamox

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As some of you may know, my Vinny is currently being treated for a UTI (see post)
He's been given 4 doses of the antibiotic the vet prescribed, which is Clavamox. I can't find any good information about side effects of this antibiotic, does anyone know first hand what "normal" reactions are?

He had a B-A-D accident tonight...VERY stinky, watery diarrhea with a slightly green tint (he eats nothing that is green), all over our bathroom rug. We've had this problem with accidents there in the past, which the emergency vet chalked up to his UTI going untreated, but he's been using the litter box regularly for almost a month, since I changed his food. Plus, when I cleaned out his litter box, his fresh pee was very mud-like in the litter and he had some solid poop in there, but 2 pieces of it were pure green. Even when I cut into it with the litter scoop, it was green all the way through. He's had some green vomit once or twice in the past, before he was prescribed this antibiotic, but it never showed up in his poop.

Are these side effects of the Clavamox? Should I go ahead with the remaining dosage (another 5 days) and then see if these symptoms continue?
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I know that diarrhea is a common side effect of Clavamox. Two of my cats were recently on Clavamox for UTIs and both had diarrhea which cleared up within two or three days of finishing the Clavamox. As to the green poop, I don't know what might be causing that. Neither of my cats had that reaction.

Are you sure he hasn't eaten something he shouldn't have that might cause the green in his pee and poop? I would certainly call the vet and discuss it with him. I'd also be concerned about his pee being mud like. Do you mean that it's thick like mud and dark colored? Could it be blood in his urine? I just read your first post and noticed he had blood in his urine when you took him to the vet for this problem. I'd also collect a sample of his green poop and take it to the vet or testing.

Good luck to you and Vinny. It sounds as though you're having a bit of a hard time just now. Hugs to both of you.
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When my cats were on that, they had loose stool so I just gave them butternut squash (baby food). My vet told me to give them some food before I feed them antibiotics. It will be easier on the tummy. Same idea when we take medicine to not take it on an empty stomach unless indicated.
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Loose stool is certainly a side effect of clavamox, but I've never seen green poop from it. My first suspicion would be that he's getting into something else in the home (not necessarily a food product either). I've always had good luck giving clavamox right before a meal and giving bene bac with the other meals.
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Well, it's somewhat reassuring to know that diarrhea is a common side effect of Clavamox. And I guess it's not uncommon for my Vinny to have diarrhea on the bathroom rug, because even before he started pooping there consistently, he would have diarrhea there when he wasn't feeling well and has never done it inside the litter box.

It's quite possible that Vinny got into something "green" in the house -- he doesn't chew on things like wires, get on counters, or play with things he's not supposed to -- but he does have an affinity for greenery. He has a love affair with a plant that sits on my husband's desk (but no other plant in the house, haha) -- I spray "No Yuck!" on it, but on days I forget I do notice a leaf or two missing. But, he's been doing that for a long time and he's never had green poop before...

Jean44 -- Thank you for the good wishes! I hope things are resolved soon with this -- I'm quite disappointed that it's apparently been going on for nearly a year and my regular vet dismissed it the 3 times we were at the vet since. Anyway, as far as the "mud-like" pee Vinny has, it's regular colored and not darker than normal, it's just very thick. Granted, I usually scoop the box after everything's had a chance to dry for the most part, so I wasn't too sure if this was normal.

If I give him something like butternut squash baby food, or plain yogurt, or even some wet food or tuna, before I give him the Clavamox, would that help?
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Originally Posted by kmkelly127 View Post
If I give him something like butternut squash baby food, or plain yogurt, or even some wet food or tuna, before I give him the Clavamox, would that help?
I think any of those things would be fine, except for the tuna. That might be a bit rich, so not a good tummy settler.

Is it possible that the muddy pee was watery diarrhea? I know I've found some clumps like that a couple of times. The runs will clump almost as well as pee does. Just a thought.
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Have you called the vet the prescribed the Clavamox? When I was a pharmacy technician at a vet clinic, the vets had me tell every person who took home Clavamox that if vomiting or diarhhea occured, they should stop giving the Clavamox & call us to find out what the next step was. If this occured, the vets would change the antibiotic to one that was less harsh on the digestive system.
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Clavamox made my Simba vomit and have the runs. As Seppolina said, the instructions said if vomitting or diarhhea occured to discontinue immediately. My vet switched him to Zenequin which she said was easier on the digestive system. You may want to see if you can get a different antibiotic.
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After reading your description of Vinny's muddy pee I had the same thought as beandip that it might be loose stool. When Kolohe and Eric had that problem I sometimes had trouble telling their pee from their poop.

I also always gave the Clavamox with food as instructed but it didn't help with their loose stool problem. Neither of them will touch pumpkin or baby food. If they have to take an antibiotic again I'll ask for something other than Clavamox.
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Well, I tried the baby food, and Vinny would have none of it. I did give him some wet food right before he got his first dosage of medicine today, but he had stinky diarrhea again tonight -- luckily it was in the litter box this time!

I know there's no way that Vinny's "muddy pee" is actually diarrhea -- he is picky about where he goes in the box, and he will only pee in the front left corner and poop in the back right corner. So...that's how I know that it's actually pee. I think now it might just be because I cleaned the box too quickly, cuz when I cleaned it tonight, his pee was dried and not muddy or real thick.

I didn't see any warning on the box of Clavamox saying that diarrhea was a bad side effect, but it didn't say it was good either. The info I found online said that it was "normal" but that could go either way. I'll call the vet tomorrow just to be sure.

As for the green poop, I think maybe both cats are getting into something they shouldn't be into. Because Vinny's had diarrhea the past two nights, I don't think the solid green poop in the box is his...because, how and why would he have normal poop in the morning and bad stinky diarrhea at night? And there's no other poop in the boxes that could be Sherman's besides the solid green stuff. Plus, Vinny's diarrhea has a green tint to it as well, so that's why I think they're both getting into something. Or it could just be the fact that a few days ago I just finished switching over their diet from Purina One to Science Diet....?
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Neither of my cats do well with Clavamox. They hate it!
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