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3 Year old with a broken leg....I need some help

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Hey everyone, I babysit my friend's sons while she's at work. The older one goes to school w/my daughter and the little one just turned 3 this week.
I haven't been watching them this week because of Spring Break and I got a phone call a few day's ago from their Mom saying that the 3 year old had broken his leg on the trampoline Tomarrow is his first day back.
So, my question is, how to deal with a broken leg in a toddler I have a 2 year old REALLY busy boy myself and worry about being able to keep up with him while carrying around a 40 lb 3 year old
Any practical help/advice or hugs are very appreciated
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Benadryl... or Nyquil.

Just kidding.

Perhaps find some games they can play while sitting? Make them play in the same room, with you there? You're gonna have to pick him up sometime... but try to do things that are more stationary.
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I'm sure that I'll be okay, I'm just nervous. I've never had to deal with a broken bone before and don't know what to expect
He's a pretty laid back little boy and so I don't worry as much about him, he'll keep busy coloring/playing with playdough,ect. I think that I'm actually more worried about keeping up w/ my 2 year old. He NEVER stops moving
We bought a wagon to use for outings and picking up kids from school. It's going to be a great help. His cast goes past his knee and so he can't bend his leg so no stroller . I'm not sure if he can walk on it or if I'll have to carry him all of the time, I'll find out tomarrow morning I guess
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Chances are the cast won't impair him all that much

I am a few years older than my cousin and I remember her in leg casts when she was going through treatment for her hips (she was born without hip sockets). Nothing kept that girl still. She just pulled herself along and did her usual stuff.

Does this little one have crutches?

Personally I don't think you have to adjust all that much to the broken leg.
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I guess it depends what part of the leg it is on... if the break is up high, he might not be able to move him very far. I can imagine this cute little kid with bright magenta legs running around now...
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i dont have any children of my own yet but i work with children ages 0-6 for 6 years now so i've come across this a few times. some children just carry on as if nothing has happened! but maybe try to do more group activities with them all so that he doesnt feel too left out, allot of children can still wobble around on a cast
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Thanks for the replies everyone. He's here and doing great, he showed up this morning with a big smile on his face and has been scooting around the house ever since
Here's the scoop, he broke his tibia,shin bone, and has a full leg cast, hip to toe.
Nope, no crutches. He either scoots on his bottom or crawls on his good knee dragging the cast behind him.
It's really amazing how little it seem's to affect him, that's kids for ya' I guess
We have to pick up the older kids from school later, that'll be the tough part. With the wagon I think we'll manage fine though.
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Aww, poor little guy.

Sorry I dont have any suggestions on what to do. I hope hes ok though.
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