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Well, Middie, which i thought would be giving birth this weekend, ended up not giving birth.. instead i find her nipples oddly small, and dry, i feel her kittens moving awkwardly in her belly, and she only wants to nest under my bed instead of the comfy box i made her, she wont stay in it for more than ten seconds, i shut the door in my room kept her in there for the whole week, and yet she wont stop shouting at the door. I'm quite restless and she is too, i want to do as much as i can for her but she's making it hard, i'm worried about her. Anyboy have any advice.. I'm quite desperate. I haven't left the house in almost 5 days... I need fresh air and i need her to feel okay too.
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Take a break Hon, she's just not ready to deliver yet. Go out, shop, have a meal, do some work or just be elsewhere for a few hours. With cats, a watched pot never boils! She's probably stressed because you're stressed.

Don't watch her 24/7. Look in on her and let her roam for a while. You'll know, I promise, when she's ready to deliver! Just make sure she has a nest, kitten food and water readily available,she'll be fine!

Good Luck!
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I know your right, but it just feels wierd to leave her a lone, i bet she thinks i am some crazy woman with nothing better to do...

lol thanks..
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They all already think that no matter what. Sending you vibes to calm down and I hope she has them soon for you, so you don't pull all of your hair out!
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just catching up with all our 'momas in waiting' lots of good advice, babies always come when you least expect it

Keep us posted and heres sending lots of soothing and calming birthing ((((( vibes )))))) for sweet Middie
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sound identical to my cats situ.she had them 4wks ago but i didnt leave the house either.made box in bedroom but she wouldnt hang out in it.kept wanting to go out.then i kept her in.1night she was very restless and crying.I eventually fell asleep woke the next mornig to sounds of cryig kittes.4 babies under bed.I the moved them later i the day to my shoe cupboard i my bedroom(shoes removed-blakets etc added)only this week they have come out and are playing in the room-its lovely.so anyway what im trying to say is it will work out and not to worry.easier said than done.this is 1st time i have been out since birth-sad i know
you prob wont sleep the 1st week they are born if your that worried
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If you go to KCM's other post you'll see the kittens are here (well one of them right now) it's so exciting!
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