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Our Daily Thread for Friday April 27th

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:flash: it's friday! :flash:

that in itself makes it a great day! tomorrow we have to take my boyfriends car to the dealer (the maintenence light is on) and from there we are going to go to a police auction. i've never been to one before, but apparently it's just a bunch of stuff that has been confiscated by the police (stolen goods etc.) auctioned off. i don't know if we will find any good deals or not but if you don't look you'll never know. i'm looking forward to that just because it's something i've never done before.

i'm going to catch a lunch & a movie with a friend on sunday. not sure which movie yet.

other than that it's going to be a low key weekend.

hope everyone has a wonderful friday and a relaxing/fun weekend planned.
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Sounds like you are going to have a good weekend. May I reccomend "BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY", it is a really great movie and so easy to relate to.

I am going out tonight with some friends.

Tomorrow I plan to try and watch as much of the Farscape Marathon on the sci-fi channel as I can and eat lots of popcorn.

And on Sunday its off to Soho for Dim Sum lunch.

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It's cat show time this weekend. Although I'm only showing one cat (my munchkin Faberge), I love to walk around looking at all the other beautiful cats and taking part in helping to place adoptable cats that will also be there. I hope it's nice out too.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
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YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY The week is over and the weekend is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was such a long week!! I have baby kittens too, by the way!!!

Maybe this weekend I will get some pics taken and have them scanned, since I have yet to show even ONE pic of my cats!!! (you all probably think I don't really have any....LOL....)

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in Iowa, so I will try to get some pics! I procrastinate too much!!!

I might just start a whole new thread when I actually do get pics of my cats ready to post (with Blue's help) since I have so many of them....(cats that is) and I have never shown any of them!!! (want to make sure that you see them if I actually get them posted!!! )

I rented a video for tonight, and the kids will be here...( my wonderful, beautiful, talented stepchildren) I always look forward to them coming....I love them so much!!!

Tomorrow my friend Shannon and I are going out for breakfast, then I am going to plant some more flowers!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend all!!!!!!!!
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Hi everyone - I am concentrating on healing my broken heart and this weekend I am going to a cat show with our beautiful Merlot and we are also doing fundraising and adoption days at the Connecticut Expo Center, TICA cat show. Also, I finally felt up to starting my cat's stories on their picture pages - I wrote Milo and Phoebe's story - to please check them out! I will try to do two a day and should be done in, oh about two weeks!

I hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Hi everybody!

Well, today was the big day! I closed on my house this afternoon!!!!!

The high was burst right after that, as I went over to take stock of the place. OH MY GOD, DO I HAVE A BOATLOAD OF WORK TO DO!!!!!

I knew the lady I bought from was leaving most of the furniture, which I had planned to garage sale off, but holy cow!, it looks like she just packed a few clothes and left! There is so much junk to clean out, I don't know where to begin! There's still food in the refrigerator and sheets on the beds, for God sake.

This is going to be some trick to pull off in the next 3 weeks. I know it will all work out, but right this second I have that "What have I gotten myself into?" feeling. Wish me luck, 'cause I'm gonna need it!
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It's Saturday, so I can't post here! I'll see you all on the Saturday thread. 'Bye!

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