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Why Feed Quality?

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Well, I am taking this from a almost-ferret-owner perspective. (I studied into owning one for 2 years, but never adopted one)

I try and try to convince my parents to stop feeding kit and kaboodle. Or Catchow. Both have corn as the first ingrediant. My argument is like so:

Corn is hard to digest, which means the cat will have to eat more in order to sustain themselves. Cats are carnivores and eat a high in protein/fat and low in carb diet. The more carbs, the less easy energy. Cats will *poop* more if they can't meet their nutritional needs through a small meal. This puts strain on the digestive system. The cat should be eating something with chicken or meat as at least the first 2 ingrediants, which will also provide essential fatty oils that will help their coat. When they have more oils, they loose less fur, and have less hairballs.

It also seems that the cats puke more when they are lesser quality food, but I don't know why.

Am I correct? What else should i present for my argument ? Lol
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This issue can be argued from both sides, some have had cats live healthy for 20 years feeding that food, others will say it's the worst food you can feed. Is their cat healthy? No food is a guarantee of long life or good health.
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Friesian girl, I agree with you that cats need a high protein diet. That is what they would eat in the wild, it's their natural diet. And while it's true that no diet can guarantee long life and good health I think the type of diet you are talking about will give any cat a better chance at that kind of life.

If you want more information about diet and nutrition for cats here's a link to a very informative web site.

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Good luck with trying to win over your parents!!
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You're spot on Good luck trying to convince your parents!
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Well, lets just say I suppliment my cat with steak diner tiblets (I don't eat seasoned beef) and she enjoys those. Her coat is way more shiny but then again my parents cat is an obbsessive licker (He's a mane coon) and we haven't quite figured out why. He has one or two fleas on him, but he isn't covered. It seems to get better during spring and summer though. Maybe he just needs more oils.

thanks everyone
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