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Look Mom I have heard it all before

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Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are actually being humored when you are talking to your furry friends.
My cat Sassy has a habit of staring blankly off into the distance and completely ignoring me when I am trying to get his attention...I was trying to get him to look at me today so I could get a nice close up of him and this was the profile I got despite whistling, cooing, shaking toys and various other attention grabbers.

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wat a cutie, mine do that stare off into space thing sometime ecs bella but like i said u have such a cutie there
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LOL yes! Seb is the same. I have to be sneaky sometimes
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When I'm giving Gillan 'into trouble' he completely ignores me!
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yes when kitten is being bad- eg stealing chicken just looks into distance and ignores.Occassionaly get a reaction of a sulking cat by the door giving me resentful little side looks from time to time.
completely gnores my partner
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Lovely photo - it's a perfect example of the 'I'll look at you when I'm good and ready to and not a moment before' fake deafness expression. If he could purse his lips he'd be whistling nonchalently
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That's a funny kitty! He looks really intent on ignoring you
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That is the sulking kittie pose!
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He's still gorgeous when he's ignoring you
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Ah, yes. The "I-am-far-too-gorgeous-to-really-have-time-for-the-words-coming-from-your-mouth" behavior. I get it all the time!
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PHX does that to me EVERY SINGLE DAY! I swear... if I feel like petting him he won't come to his name and won't even acknoledge that I'm speaking.. BUT if he wants petted..... he's getting petted. no matter what. So lately what I've been trying to do is... " lets play a little game PHX " When he jumps up on my lap to get petted.. I totally stare the other direction- no matter what. At the end of the "game" I stand up to walk away and he follows me through the house meow meow meow(translation : not appropriate for these boards) Then I finally give in because he's soooo darn cute and irresistable.
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