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Sunday DT

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Hi all!

Hope everyone is having a great week-end. Mine is a little bit on the lazy side but that's fine with me. I am tackling my normal week-end chores but it's coming along slowly. Between taking naps and computer time, it's taking longer to do one load of laundry!

Both my boys have come down with the sniffles. Looks like it's their turn. They're still running around and playing so it's a good sign. And no fevers....*crossing fingers*

We had planned on going out for supper tonight but it looks like that may be post-poned.

Have a great end of week-end everyone!
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We're being lazy here, too. Did a little shopping. Its no wonder that KMart is in trouble. Out of six sale items, that I went looking for, I came home with three. They had the blankets, in only one color; the flannel sheets were all ugly prints and the flannel pajamas were unavailable, in my size. We DID get Bill a pair of jeans but, they had only ONE pair, in his size and we wanted two.

The only one of us, inclined to do much, is Rowdy. So far, today, she has invaded the linen closet, the pantry and the dryer. If we could bottle kitties, we wouldn't need oil!
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UGH...I am actually looking forward to Monday!?!

Weekend started out great...we went to dinner with Mike's brother and siter-in-law Friday night, and then went back to their place to have a few beers and play cards. Was a fun night!

Yesterday my phone started ringing about a PC that I had donated to someone. They were having this problema and that problem and could I come over and take a look. <sigh>...OK. Go over and worked on it for about an hour or so and everything was working fine. Serached all over the state of DE last night for a cordless phone we want...can't find it anywhere!!!

Today...found out that his Mom is drinking heavily again (she is an alcoholic) and has not been to work for 2 weeks! She is out of control again but insists on going out driving! This is a semi-annual ritual for us with his Mom...<sigh>. So I guess, the way things usually progress, we will probably be spending Thanksgiving Day in the rehab visiting his Mom (won't be the first nor the second time). This was all day phone calls today about her and his sister and all of her problems...yada yada yada...TRULY same sh*t different day.

I can't wait to go to work where, for the most part, everything is normal and the drama is held to a minimum...
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I had a nice day. My daughter had a candle party (or something) to attend, so the girls came after church and stayed all afternoon. I gave them a piano lesson; then we played Payday and ate leftover Halloween candy. Tsk, Tsk! I loved it when my kids were little! I didn't spend much time on the computer, so I didn't get any new reporters for Anne. It's a good cause, but I'm sure Anne will understand.
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