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Another Cat Show

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This weekend coming up I am headed out to another cat show in Lancaster, PA. It is Lady Lucks scecond show with me and Alexis very first show. Alexis is shy but coming around. Please wish us luck I am very worried about taking Alexis to the show. Thank you.
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Can't anyone wish me luck with Alexis?
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Good luck to Alexis! I know she will do well! And, good luck to Lady Luck! :angel2:
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Good luck with the show
I'm sure they will both do very well and have a great time.
Look forward to hearing all about it!
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Thank you guys! It really means a lot to me! I am so nervous. I will be going by myself with out my mentor so this means so much to know I have you thinking of me. Thank you!
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You'll do fine, I know it! Have fun while you are there!
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Oh I hope so....I know I will have lots of fun if things go ok....
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I feel really bad because I just now saw this...or I would have wished you luck when I got online a couple hours or so ago. I don't see the threads listed in the lounge, because i don't go to the actual lounge site where the threads are listed, I get an e-mail notification of every single new thread, so I just go down the list in my e-mails, one at a time, and go to the threads from the e-mails, and if I run out of time sometimes I don't even see them all till some other day....anyway....I sure didn't mean to ignore it!!!

I hope you have GREAT luck with your cats at the show!!! I am sure they will both do great!!!!!

Please let us know how it goes!!!

Good luck!!!
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You don't need luck because Alexis and Lady Luck are going to kick some kitty butt! Seriously best of luck, I don't know how you can lose with 2 beautiful babies!
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Oh thanks guys. I hope we do well.

Debby don't worry about. I understand. I was just thinking that no one wanted to wish me luck. I had posted at 11:00am and by 7:00pm 7 people had looked but said nothing. I totally understand. I am just so nervous. I will have to let everyone know how it goes.

Thanks again it means a lot to me!!!
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Wishing you all the luck at the upcoming show. With a kitty named Lady Luck, you can't ask for much more! I'm sure they and you will all do great!
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Thank you. We have 3 days until the show and I am getting a little nervous. I hope Alexis does well.
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Good luck!
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Sorry I am late with this but a very big huge GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed for you and Alexis!

Can't wait to hear what happens!

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Thank you. I need it.
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Originally posted by Bengal Cats
Thank you. I need it.
Nah Mate you'll be right you'll see!!! You'll have a great time!
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Awww Thank you! I get like this before a show. Last time it was my very first one. This is my second. I am not worried about Lady Luck or myself as much as Alexis. I just can't see her allowing someone she does not know handle her. She has just started to be my friend. So I am hoping she will not flip out. You know. I am driving myself nuts and I bet you are right it will be just fine.

At the last one someones cat clawed the judge and then he placed the cat. I was so shocked.

Thank you for being so sweet to me.
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No Prob

If a judge is good then they will understand the complexities of a cat (we can hope) Therefore if Alexis starts to show she is uncomfortable the judge should respond accordingly. I am not sure about the rules etc where you are but at the show I was at we could request to take the cat out of the cage ourselves to hand to the judge as this should calm her a little rather than being taken out by a stranger and then given to a stranger if you know what I mean. Perhaps they will let you do that if you are to worried. She may be just fine though so I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Either way you'll find out and also they may be unhappy and cranky at the show but when they get home quickly return to their usual behaviour and sttle down. So I am sure Alexis won't be at all concerned.

It will be great you'll see! And if clawing a judge is the worst that can happen? well they know it is part of the job, just make sure all her claws front and back (and dew claws) are clipped and even if she will let you gently file them with a cardboard emery file to round them, Tatyana quite liked this and enjoyed playing with it while I was doing her nails before the show lol!

It will be cool. I can't wait to hear all about it. I am already looking forward to the next show.

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Hope she is ok. The rules do not let us give the cat to the judge. I wish we could. The judge is not allowed to know whose cat it is. We have to go up and put them in the ring with out making our selves know to the judge as best we can. Then go sit, stand or what ever. I guess some people try to get the judge to look at them so their cat gets placed if they know the judge.

I do clip Alexis nails at home. I can clip one day and the next they seem sharp again. I think they have little nail sharpeners some place in the house I do not know of. LOL Thank you for the words of encouragement.
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