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Persi & Alley behavior update

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I am posting this here in behavior because this is where I have been talking about the behavior of my two cats for the last two months. About two months ago, I posted pictures of them glaring at each other with hatred and have gave various update to their absolutely marvelous progression. The picture that I am now using in my siggy shows how far they have advanced, with both of them right together on the bed, waiting for us to come join them. But this picture that I just took, is the absolute ultimate, Alley actually uses Persi's head for a pillow now! And Persi will lay there in the window sill with his head on the hard wood while his head is used as a pillow. Oh, they are also now grooming each other. So, never fret if you are about to add a second cat or have just added a second cat, good things can and probably will happen!
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Time and patience make everything right!
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Awe what a couple of cuties! They look like that have bonded just wonderfully! Congrats!
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What an adorable picture!

So glad that everything is working out between the two little lovebirds
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Awww that's sweet

Charlie wants to be top cat, so right now, they argue a lot more then cuddling
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Wow! They look so sweet!
I didn`t see your earlier pictures. Wonder if there still there?
I hope Kitty and Maisie will get on that well one day.
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AWW! They are so adorable. Cats can be soooo cute- can't they? Congratulations!
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That's a great photo showing their current relationship. Actually, they adapted to each other pretty quickly, don't you think?
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yay! good for you! very sweet pic too!
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It is great that they are getting along! Hope it stays that way!
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Thanks for posting. You have given me hope because I'm trying to integrate a new cat into our lives. I'm so glad it is working out for you.

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