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Is Your Font too Small?

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You guys that cannot easily read the text on your nice high resolution monitors.

There are a number of settings that can help. One of the main ones is the
Display properties (right click on empty desktop) => settings => Advanced => General
and change the DPI setting to 120 (you will need to restart!). This changes everything to be larger.

Using clear type fonts also helps make the most of the available resolution.

If you don't want all application sizes to change then you can use large fonts from the Display properties => Appearance => Font size setting. This will make text easier to read.

Obviously you can also do changes on a per application basis, e.g. for Firefox or Word, by changing the default font settings.

I did the DPI = 120 because my flat screen is very high resolution and I practically had to kiss the monitor to be able to read anything. My eyes feel so much better since I changed the DPI.
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For me it's only certain sites or people who purposely choose smaller fonts. Which is quite mean, by the way, it really kills some people's eyes

When a site's font is too small I just do a quick ctrl + +/= key in firefox to increase the size, and ctrl + - for the sites with too large of font.
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I have no problem seeing or reading any of it, though my boss has her setting set so high on super huge font, super huge icons, it's like working with the blind!
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