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mine is terrified and angry with the hoover.One day I left it on the floor after hoovering.Now turned off,I came in to the room to hear nasty rasping noises(someth like that) anyway more to the point,she was hitting the nozzle violently and aggresively,in a way that came across as-this is pay back im getting revenge n you by beating you up...??
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Lily runs under the bed as soon as i get it out alfie just sits there and watches!
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I can't say that they're "scared", but they do watch closely from a safe distance, preferably above the floor...
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Each one of my cats react differently to the vacuum, Sassy sees it as a good play toy and will actually chase the hose around, Linus, sees it as a huge monster that wants to eat him and hides as soon as I get it out of the closet.

My cat Flip whom I lost recently actually like to sit on the cannister and ride around the house while I vacuumed.

Sassy's very favorite household chore is helping me dust mop the hardwood floors in my living room, he actually stalks the dust mop and it's cute to seeing him peeking around the furniture waiting for it to get close enough to pounce on. Linus has participated in the hunting activity a couple of times to so I am sure it will become part of his play routine as well.
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Both of my run as soon as they see the vacuum. They each have their own hiding place. Alice goes under the bed and Patches found a cubby hole under the kitchen cabinets the first day in this apartment.
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Ha ha, reading this thread almost made me afraid of the vacuum!! Actually I do get kind of nervous when using it because I can't hear anything else.

Sammi isn't terrified of it, but if he isn't expecting it to be turned on, he can freak. In any case he gets up off the floor and keeps his distance from it. If it gets close to the base of whatever piece of furniture he's on, he'll make a long jump and run into another room.
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Chloe is afraid of it, but we encouraged that so it's not a surprise. We used Hissy's suggestion to use the vacuum to discourage inappropriate carpet scratching.

Iris isn't afraid of it. In fact, she usually follows me around as I vacuum.
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isnt it funny how cats all have different personalities and reactions to stufff
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Lucky gets a little freaked but usually stays in the room but on a chair or the arm of the couch.

Ben used to chase the vacuum but now he runs.
Molly is a little chicken and will hide for hours.
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Tavia hides when any vacuming is done I have to put Macy the boxer outside because she tries to attack the vacum. And Lilly and Tiny simply go get in bed while I vacum
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Just out of curiousity, are they scared? Do they go running when you get the vacuum out? Mine dont seem too bothered, but silly Taffy likes to chase me

So what about yours??
Not the vacuum. But I recently broke my foot and am now on crutches and Alley runs from me whenever she sees me coming her way. Cats just seem to be afraid of different things.
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We have central vac, and when the hose comes out, the cats disappear! The cannister is in the garage and they won't even go into the garage when someone goes in or out because the "vacuum monster" lives in there!
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Sammi gets very scared and goes and hides the bed til im down and then only when i call her.
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Well Kitty hates it and will go out so I usually wait to do the hoovering, not that he runs things around here or anything

And Maisie, as she`s in her own little room at the moment and she kicks litter everywhere, I have to hoover round her room every day. I open the door and give her some food in the hall but when she`s done she comes running back and stands in the way! She`s a brave cookie!
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Oz is terrified of the vacuum and will not be in the same room as it, even when it's unplugged. Spike, on the other hand, is convinced that the vacuum cleaner means to do me harm, and therefore, he must kill it beforehand. He's really funny about it, too, because he's also afraid of the vacuum and wants to hide, but at the same time, it has to die so that it won't hurt me. He'll hide under the futon, then suddenly leap out and attack it, then have a mini freak-out and run away again. It's ... impressive. His concern for my well-being is very touching, though.
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