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How afraid are your cats?? (of your vacuum)

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Just out of curiousity, are they scared? Do they go running when you get the vacuum out? Mine dont seem too bothered, but silly Taffy likes to chase me

So what about yours??
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Olivia and Tinkerbelle are a little scared when they see and hear the vacuum go on

But Boris, Theo and Amelia are not bothered at all..they look at me to say 'Get on with it then, Mum" lol

Boris' fave (but banned) game is actually chasing the vacuum cleaner cable as I vacuum.
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They all are annoyed except Bakker who doesn't really run away.
When Sheba was alive I used to vacuum her all the time!! (like pretending to suck up her tail!!)
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YES! They hate the vacume.. my rottie mix Jenny barks at it.
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Abby used to take off like a bullet and hide. Sometimes she still does that, and sometimes just being on the other side of the room away from the "monster" is enough. But she sure doesn't like the vacuum. On the other hand she loves the caretaker's vacuum! When she vacuums the carpet outside my apartment Abby lays down by the door and watches the shadow go back and forth and doesn't seem to mind the noise. I guess so long as she can't see it it's fine! Silly girl!

Chynna on the other hand absolutely loves the vacuum! She follows me around and flops down in front of it and jumps on the table when I'm vacuuming the dining room chairs. She absolutely loves to be vacuumed with the furniture tool. She's 15 and getting a bit hard of hearing, so maybe that's part of the reason. But she's been loving the vacuum for more than 1/2 of her life now. If I leave it out she even uses it as a pillow, LOL
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Lily is terrified of the vacuum. Dory will watch it, but from a very safe distance. Molly has never been around the vacuum cuz I know it'll make her afraid of people as well. Twitch & Ophelia(deaf) couldn't care less....I wonder why? Damita LOVES the vacuum & follows it around licking it.
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Trace isn't the least bit impressed by the vacuum, he'll sit up on something and just watch it. Peanut is deaf, so it doesn't bother her all that much, but she gets annoyed by the headlight thing on it

The rest of the tribe think that the vacuum is some kind of rabid psychotic fur sucking alien.
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Both cats are petrified of the big, noisy monster. Sometimes I have to wait until they are awake before I vacume. I pull the vacume out of the closet and they R U N!
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They are all terrified of ours! They sometimes hiss at it also when they see it coming down the hallway.
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OMG Trout is nowhere to be seen when the vacuum is out..she is terrified of it
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Both my cats just sit and watch the vacuum!
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Leopold, Beandip, Pumpkin, and Pixel are pretty much just indifferent about it. They don't get real close, but they're OK with watching me from 10+ feet away.

Pixel used to be completely fearless about it, but I had to purposely dangle the nozzle at her one day, because I was on a ladder with it running and she was working on knocking us both off the ladder. I couldn't reach the switch so that was my only option.

Junior,Precious, and Momma are scared of it.

Paisley has no respect for the vacuum monster...I have to be careful to not run right over her with it. She thinks it's fun to play "chicken" with it.
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out of all my cats there is only 1 cat who will be in the same room as the *monster* hehe . the others run a mile when they see or hear it
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Sash is not too bothered by it. He doesn't care for it, but he doesn't run and hide either. He's not scared of too much.
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Kitters is scared to death of the vaccuum and just about everything else... Though she is working through her fear of the water.. She's been climbing into the tub when I'm going to start a bath and will sit there till the water just about touches her toes and the other say she had to sit on the sink and watch me brush my teeth! My babys getting so brave!
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Originally Posted by Skippymjp View Post
...the vacuum is some kind of rabid psychotic fur sucking alien.
Heck, I was scared of the thing myself until I was 12!
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Bean isn't terrifiied of the vaccum, but he doesn't like it too much. If it's on he'll usually leave the room until it's off.
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Sneaky Pie HATES the vaccuum. She runs from the room when I start it

Mistoflees on the other hand, could care less. I was vaccuuming the couch one day, he was sleeping on it. He didn't even move when I came right up next to him. I had to move him to get the spot where he was laying.
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All three of my kitties DESPISE the vaccuum, and flee quickly when I whip that sucker out!
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All of our cats scatter. However, my sister's cat is now living with us temporarily and I have to pick her up and move her to vacuum where she is sitting. She doesn't care at all.
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As those of you know who read the Fur Pictures, Bijou loves being vacuumed. I was doing my chores yesterday and had to put the dust brush on and vacuum Bijou for a good 3-4 minutes while he stretched and rolled around so I wouldn't miss any spots. He particularly loves when I do the top of his head and around under his chin. Mika sits a safer distance away and just watches his bizarre behaviour.
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With the large vacuum Reeses hides. She used to get up as high as she possibly could, which meant the entertainment center. But since she knocked her only way up (DVD Tower) down a few times, she's afraid to get on it and go up there now. With the dust buster she is afraid of it, and used to hide, but now she actually will follow me from room to room, slinky cautiously against a wall just in case
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Diesel doesn't mind the vaccum, mostly just watches it. Tucker on the other hand is scared to death of it and hides under the bed for hours. Today he had a breakthrough and only hid for 20 minutes
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well Duke will casually jump off the sofa and saunter out the door into the kitchen.
Sibohan on the other hand takes off like a jet and hides under the bed until I turn it off and put it away.
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Um... Tobie chases the vacuum. Godiva ignores it. Bandit ignores it. Ziggy looks slightly scared. Sneakers and Sofia run far far away.
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Paris darts as far away from the thing when I first turn it on, but then she sneaks slowly to it, very careful to stay at least 2 rooms from where it is working. She likes to watch what it's gonna do to Cairo. When it's off, she doesn't notice it at all.

Cairo on the other hand has a huge bone to pick with the thing. When it's on she arches her back, but doesn't flinch. She watches it no more than 3 foot from where it's working at any time. She often perches up somewhere hissing at it. When it's off, she swats it several times to make sure she killed it.

Moscow is so terrified of the thing. He will run as far away from it as he can and he'll even cry for me as I use it. It's one of the only things he's really afraid of.
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When Sphinx was alive, he would sit and watch the vacuum without any fear. Of course this same cat would try to stare down a pit bull (we know, he did this to our former neighbors pit bull).

Kuce used to hide from the vacuum but now she watches with some annoyance from a safe perch.

Lil' Jag hides from the vacuum but will come out from a hiding spot within 15 minutes.

Luvbug though (yes our big MCC mix) hides from the vacuum as though it is going to eat him and hide under the bed for hours.
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Mine scatter like the wind! Stormy only has to see it being brought out, it doesn't even have to be on and she's gone!
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I don't think they're really scared of it at all. Almost every time the house gets vacuumed, they're either in my room or my parent's. Both rooms have lino flooring so that doesn't get vacuumed.
Although today my cousins and their two dogs (Bichon Friese/Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin/Shih Tzu) came over. Squee about had a heart attack and was poofed up all day, sitting on my dresser while Scratch hid under my bed.
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Missy is the only one afraid of it, I wish the others were it would make my job a lot easier
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