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Is Everyone Having A Good Easter?

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Mine has been very good. I was a Chalice Bearer at the eleven o'clock Church service. Then we came home and I gave Mom and my Sister their Easter Baskets, (made one for myself too, ), my Sister gave Mom a pair of shorts and a top and some shampoo, and some cologne, and she gave me BUCKY KATT'S BIG BOOK OF GET FUZZY, some cat pajamas, some bed sheets and two small bottles of BODY WASH. Mom bought what we had for lunch, I fixed it, but Mom bought it. . Then we had lunch which was HONEYBAKEDHAM, macaroni and cheese, broccoli and rice cassarole, sweet potato souffle, and apple dumplings for dessert. Mom and I also had a glass of wine with our water that we had to drink. Then we watched CHARLOTTE'S WEB, which we all enjoyed completely. Hope you all had a good one.
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I'm glad you are having a nice Easter.

I've had better! http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=122457
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I'm having an OK one. We don't really do much, but we've got a ham in the oven. Should be good, then we are going to make soup tomorrow with the leftovers! Glad you had a wonderful day!
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I'm having okay one too. Now we are deciding what eat for dinner (or better yet... where to eat). Any suggestions?
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Yes, so far its been good. DH had to work but we all went to church and then to moms for a easter dinner. My grandparents were able to come down and be with us, so that makes it even better. I am however very tired and a nap would be great~but its 5 pm and I think a bit too late for one...hehe.

Hope everyone has a great day, whats left of it!!
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