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Drinkwell Fountain

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We just purchased the Drinkwell Fountain for our babies Birthday gift. At first they got a kick out of watching the water & sticking their paws in it. But now they just look at it. How long did it take for your cat to drink out of it? Or how did you introduce it to your cat? Did we introduce it wrong to Max & Sarah? My husband seems to think they'll use it when they are thirsty. Should we just turn off the waterfall effect & let them drink that way?
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Leave it how it is, turned on. That's the point of the fountain is to have running water to entice the cats.

I have a cat fountain too (it was Zissou's christmas present!) and I feel like I never see her drinking but then suddenly it's empty. A lot of cats don't need much water, and at least in my experience they don't like you watching them drink it. Zissou is unabashed about the litter box but apparently very shy about drinking water

If they start seeming dehydrated or the fountain stays full, maybe they just aren't taking to it, but so far it seems like a case of a watched pot never boiling.

Not to take DH's side or anything!
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Yes, I think you are right in the watching the pot I'm just nervous meowmmy! Plus thinking about $$ plain old water bowl I hope they like it enough to use it. They love jumping on the bathroom counter to watch you brush teeth. They never drink the water there either, but they do like to watch it coming out the sink. My husband was happy when he read about that feature of the fountain. Men... and their toys!
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I just got a Petmate version of the same thing (reviewed it on my cat's blog) because I wanted him to get more water, and supposedly these are useful for that.

I like it because its filtered, and it keeps the water moving. I also put filtered water in it so minerals from tap water will not gunk up the pump.

Anyway, it took my cat a little while to get accustomed to it. By the end of the day he was fine with it. The Petmate instructions suggested that when first introducing it, maybe leave it unplugged so the moving water doesn't freak them out, and they get used to a new water dish without the motion and all that.

I don't think that my cat drinks any more than before, but it is hard to tell. The level of water goes down more quickly (in my opinion) not because of more consumption, buut rather because of quicker evaporation.

I really like it though...its quiet, and I know Meow is getting better quality water, even if he doesn't actually drink more!
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We *heart* our cat fountain

I have 5 indoor cats. After watching a few of them enjoy running tap water, as well as wanting multiple water stations available, we bought a fountain a few years ago.

They require good cleanings regularly (to avoid nasty fish tank effects) but it's worth it. Just make sure to prime the fountain after every clean so you dont damage the motor (add enough water before you plug back in). It's a no brainer but of course I did this the first time.

My cats were cautious at first, (typical cats!). But soon enough I found I had to replenish the fountain daily. SOmetimes I add ice cubes for added fun.

THe fountain is on the counter just to indulge my cats preference for vertical space. Plus it gives them privacy from my 2 toddlers.

One of my cats (this one is so weird) actually does a dance before he drinks. It's indescribable, really. It looks like he is cross crountry skiing? It's hilarious and I really need to get it on film but he is sneaky deaky about it.

In general I recommend fountains. Cats love the fresh running water, it's filtered and clean, and encourages further hydration.
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I have a CATIT and at 1st all they did was poke their paws in it but now they love it, just leave it on all the time for them and they will soon get used to it
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They like it now! Thanks.
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