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Tri-colored Male????

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So Zion is now 5 months and i'am noticing his fur to be changing colors and patterns...
As a baby, he was a basic white with black spots on his back and one side of his face...
About a month ago, a brown-ish and grey color started coming in as stripes!?
Now he is a callico cat with 4 colors, majorly white and black, with grey areas and a beije/brown/ginger color.
His face has a cute brown stripe on it, where the brown is most prevalent...

I showed my kitten to a friend and she said that MALE cats aren't suppose to be 3 colors, or it is rather rare....

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A male cat can be a calico. Actually genetically they are XXY. They are usually sterile but that is not guaranteed and they do still develop all the behaviors and the strong scent of an intact male.
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Such a "creature" exists, but is rare. My sister has a dilute calico male. Everybody assumed he was female when he was found, and was very surprised after taking a closer look!
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Sounds to me like he's a brown tabby - brown tabbys will have some shading in the background color vs the tabby stripes. Sometimes you get a "rufus" color which is more reddish in the background/base color.

But its not a true male calico with black, red, white.

Can you post some pictures?
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White and tabby is rather common (and one of the prettiest color patterns too ). And as you can see in my siggy, both of my boys are. I couldn't even begin to guess at how many colors and shades are actually in their fur.

A picture would help, fur patterns and colors do change some as a cat ages. Most noticeable is how siamese and mixes of darken. My kitten Tomas's coat is starting to change a little too, he's getting more silver/grey tips and more defined spotting.
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please post a picture! When you hear tri-colored it is pretty specifically what would be called a calico or torti with the strong patches or pieces of black and tan with white on the other places, and it is rare to have a male like that.

But when you get different colored tabbies, you can get really picky breaking apart all the shades of "colors" that make up their coat. There is black, brown, dark brown, light brown, tan, grey and white... but they are actually just various shades of black or vairous shades of brown not making them a true tri colored cat at all.

Technically there may be a TON of "colors" in there, but they are all just shades of the three basic colors (black brown and white). When you see tabbies with black and brown, it is usually really dark brown and lighter brown, not actually 2 seperate colors. A true three colored cats being a male is evtremely rare.

I don't know if that makes sense...
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I heard that male calico cats are really rare and SUPER expensive. My bf read about one that was just sold for over $100,000. Anyone else heard this?
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Someone ripped off someone else. Male calicos are worth no more then any other cat. And most are worth less as most are STERILE. Even if you have a breedable one (I've met in person a breeding male calico rex - but he only produced the black - not the red), the cat will only throw one of the colors - not both like a normal female calico.
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Male calico's are rare but possible. Would love to see a picture!
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Isin't he so handsome
Well this is taken with my camera phone so the Q is not great. Can't really see the variety in color..
I'm yet to invest in a digital camera! I know right...
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Looks like a tabby and white to me. Just not sure how a cat goes from being black and white to tabby.
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Definately a brown tabby white. The colors may have been darker at birth...
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Very pretty brown tabby/white. Not a male calico at all
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Very pretty brown tabby/white. Not a male calico at all
I second that motion! And he's very cute!
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