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Sasha pictures

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I took a couple pictures of Sasha last night... one is a "belly pic"... they're not the greatest because I only have a cell phone for taking pictures right now.

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shes adorable!!
do you know when shes due?
the pics are pretty good for a cell phone though
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Originally Posted by Keisha View Post
do you know when shes due?
She's approximately 42 days today... I wasn't positive on the mating date. If that's true and if the gestation period is 59-70 days, then she's due between April 25th and May 6th.... it's going to be torture waiting!
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awe look at that cutie, i cant believe shes preggy, where have i been Also the pics are pretty good for being cell phone photos
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Very cute!!! Love the belly! Nice pics even with just a phone shot!
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ooo another moma in waiting she is such a sweetie, look at gentle face - aww, give her some gentle tummy rubs from us
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A very pretty cat! she will have lovely babies (not that allll kittens arnt lovely)
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aww shes so pretty. thank you for sharing her picture with us.
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SHe is very pretty I bet her babies will be beautiful!
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lol this is liek the 3rd time i've looked at this thread just to see your pretty baby, she really is stunnnig!!!!
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