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Do kittens teeth?

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this. This may sound like a silly question too But, my seven month old kitty is constantly meowing at the moment! We did come home from being away for a night, so he was alone. He had a cat feeder and all his toys, a light on, catnip, loads of water and kitty biscuits and lots more. All I could do was miss my little baby. Anyway, we got back and he was happy to see us but he is meowing all the time. I checked him over and nothing wrong. No poo or wee anywhere around the house. I had a look in his mouth to see if he was irritated but couldn't see anything but little teeth! Which got me onto the thought of whether or not kitties teeth or if they just grow? Or maybe there might be any other suggestions as to why he keeps meowing?

I would appreciate any advice, thanks!
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Of course they do! They have teeth after all.
Depending on the kitten, it's not as bad as say, when a puppy chews on everything. That's not to say some cats aren't chewers.

He's probably upset you went away and is making sure you know about it. We've been gone for a few hours and both of the boys are currently in my lap.
Some cats just enjoying being loud too, Tomas loves to meow and he's around 7-8 months old now.
Give your baby some extra pettings and snuggles.
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Is he neutered?
Cats do teeth but at a much younger age than 7 months old.
But if you just got home after a long absence it could be his way of greeting you.
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Bless him he did miss us!! Have been giving him lots of cuddles and play time! Hehehe, so he is too old to be teething, isn't meowing so much now either. He isn't actually neutered at the moment, could that be why he is meowing? We are going to get him done in a a week or two. He has only just been given the all clear from the vet as when we got him from the shelter he had really bad cat flu, sneezing blood and everything. Off the antibiotics and off to be 'done' soon!! Do you think that that could be why he has been meowing loads? He isn't spraying or anything but he is the only cat here! Thanks for the advice, it is appreciated lots!!!
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