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NO, NO Ferris!

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Telephone extension handset recharger cords are NOT a kitty chew toy!

I was wondering why my bedroom landline handset wasn't charged...looked under my bed and found that the very thin cord connecting the power adapter to the base had been chewed all up and down and was now in several pieces of varying lengths. Toothmarks all up and down each length.

It does not appear that he actually ate any, but he had a fantastic time destroying it. It WAS plugged in at the time, and I am simply amazed there was no electric shock.

I have checked all the regular sized power cords in the area, and there are no teeth indentations. So I think we'll be ok. I will of course have to protect my speaker wires, and any other thin wires in the house, but I will hope this was an isolated incident.

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o Ferris that was a big

Dont feel bad, i had to quick the kitties out of my room to straighten my hair because the cord moves and we all think it is time for play

Kids these days
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im glad he didnt get hurt.

Ferris love, you shouldnt scare your meowmy like that electrical cords are not kitty chew toys .
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These kitties are just as bad as fur kids I swear.
Ferris, leave the cords alone and don't scare your Meowmy like that.
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Ferris you naughty boy!!! I hope that it was a onetime thing! Good luck with keeping him from doing it again!
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Well, I read the wording on the adapter that was plugged in (and chewed up) and it is a 9 volt adapter, so fortunately, if he DID get a shock, it would have been like licking a 9 volt battery rather than becoming a crispy fried Ferris under my bed.

Ugh...I don't even want to imagine what that would be like to find.

I checked some other wires in the house, and no signs of chewing anywhere, so it has to have been 5 a.m. boredom waiting for me to wake up and no hairties in sight anywhere. Poor bored baby. It isn't like there aren't 700 other toys all over the house to play with.
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