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~Names, Whats in a name? Why, When Where and How?~

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~Im curious about your names, YOUR Display name, Your Pets names etc.....How did you pick them or get them?~

~I just noticed something very odd about myself. My name on here is Mom_2_3, I have 3 children, I have 3 pets, I have 3 Fish, my cat just had 3 kittens Saturday. haha I am blessed (or cursed lol depends on how you look at it) by sets of 3!~
OKAY names
My cats are No No (Because we found our self constantly telling her "NO NO"
Oreo, She is white with black on each end.
Zuri, my african Pygmy Hedgehog, Zuri means Beautiful In Swahili
Goldfish is Peanut, Butter and Jelly lol
New kittens are Youssarian, Lazuli and Tosca off of Meerkat manor because they were born during the show.
Abby our Yorkie already was named when we got her.

SHEW lol whats your stories behind the names?
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my display name - basicly because they are a troublesome 2!!

We call Lily- lily lou lou and Alfie Alfie Mo Mo's (when we picked alfies name it made me think of Alfie moon from Eastenders (uk soap) so we always call him mo mo's!
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My display name, Leli, is a nickname given to me in high school. I had a friend who always introduced me as Leli, so some people have thought it was my given name. It's pronounced Lee Lye....rhymes with Eli or "me, why?" lol

My dog is called Max, because that was his name when we got him from the SPCA. We didn't want to confuse him by changing his name, but we did legnthen it to Maximus Prime, so we'd have something long to call him when he's in big trouble LOL

Sammy-a-go-go was so named because as a kitten he was always on the move.

Lola Bean.....Lola was a name both me and my bf liked. The Bean part was because she was very small for her age.

Addie is short for Adelpha. My bf wanted to name her and he insisted on a very greek name.

George is Addie's litter brother. I named him George because it's also greek....we call him both the english and the greek (Your-go) pronounciation. Also, I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan, so I thought it went nicely with Addie (I had originally tried to convince bf to name her Izzie).
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My screen name is from A League of Their Own. If you've seen it I'm sure you will understand.

I won't go through all the pets names, but...
Marcel was named after the monkey on the TV show Friends. I am a huge fan of that show and even though Marcel looks nothing like that monkey, I wanted to have my little tribute to the best show ever! Bad thing now is that he insists on sitting on my shoulder.

Precious got her name 'cuz her daddy's name is Frodo and it just wouldn't be right if Frodo didn't have a Precious! The Lord of the Rings fans will understand that one.

Roxie and Quarter are sisters to Precious and Roxie is named after Roxie Hart from the movie Chicago. And Quarter is a beautiful silvery grey manx mix with a "quarter tail" with her coloring and her stub tail the name Quarter fit so well.

I have a bunny named Dobby....from the Harry Potter books. I usually name my animals by their appearance (Ebony my dog and Coal are both black) or I name them after a fictional character from TV, movie or books. Sometimes a name will come out of no where, but usually appearance or a fictional character wins.

Oh, I have to add...that we usually call Coal either Coal Monster or just Monsta and that is 'cuz he is a BIG boy! He's monsterous!
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The screen name was kind of random... the Fleetwood Mac song of the same name has the lines "She is like a cat in the dark/And then she is the darkness."
And, well, since this is a cat forum, and the forum style I've selected is Night Vision....

My only current pet is a mouse. Her name is Willow, because she simply adores the little buds on pussy willow branches. Her brother, a tiny sickly little thing who only lived a year ( ) was named Buzz because you could just feel his little heart whirring when you held him, even though he was sitting still.
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My screen name - I'm a horsey girl, I was born in 1990 Hehe, self explanatory.

Snowball - I was 8 :p It was either that or Snowman!
Poppet - My sister was 10, and thought she looked sweet.
Itsa (hamster) - Itsa hamster! (Say it fast!)
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My display name is an OLD nickname and I'm not even sure the explaination would come out right but I'll try. I had a large circle of male friends and the few girls in this group were pretty stuffy (ie: snobbish, prim, propper) and I on the other hand have tats & piercings, love snakes and some of the crazy abnds they were into, I was an old school punk/grunge girl so I was dubbed queen of the twisty chicks. (twisty being a descriptive for my appearance/personality).

Frankie is named after Frank Sinatra (even though she's a she). A little more than a month before we got Frankie (in June of '98) we were driving home and the guy I was with at the time blurted out "Frank Sinatra". I said "Why Frank Sinatra" and he said "because he'd dead". I wasn't sure he was right and said as much but didn't really think twice about it until the next morning... when I heard on the news that Franki Sintra passed away the night before right around the time we were having that very strange conversation.

Wickett was named by Matt (my finace). I was told he was a she and had a super cute name picked out. I took him young (about 8 weeks) because his options were bleak otherwise. Well, a few weeks later it became obvious that he was a boy and Matt suggested Wickett (you know, the ewok from star wars) and it stuck.

My childhood cat has a similar story. My dad brought him home from a plant where a client worked. I don't know his back story I was just happy to have a kitten. Well, we named him Sarah and I don't know why but when we took Sarah to the vet he said "Your Sarah is a Sam" and it stuck.
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well lets see...

~The Cats~
Willie- we got him from ARL and they had already named him that but with a y, and he knew his name really well already so we just kept it, and of course I changed the spelling of it tho

Midnight- well my brother got him from someone who had found him left in an apartment building, and so they were going to keep him and they had named him but instead they gave him to my brother!

Bella- Well since she found me, and she was so friendly i sitll dont understand y someone would abandon her, but she found me and so we finally was able to get her 2 days later by having food in the car so me and my mom were thinking of a name for her all night and my mom had said bella the night before when she came here, and at first i was like noooo...and then it stuck in my head and also it does mean beautiful in italian

Stormie- Well my mom wanted to help naming her as well, and so after we got her i was drawing a blank but that night i thought of stormie, her colors reminded me a storm in some way, and also when ever we got her it started to rain! So the next morning my mom comes to check on her in my room, and she said how about the name storm i said uh how bout stormie i said i thought of it last night, we both started laughing because we thought of the same name

Blue- well my mom wanted a grey kittie and she had already had the name Mr.Blue picked out, but we instead had gotten blue here so we just dropped the Mr.

Tessa-well we had gone for one cat and got blue but we had already decided on Tessa as well and well we had time to t hink of her name because they had to spay her first adn she had a kittie cold and everything! But that day my mom and me were thinking of names and she had said tessa, and once again I decided it was a cute name, at first i was like nooo...but of course it grew on me in a matter of 5 mins

~The Dogs~
Cocoa- well we got him and jas at the HS and well they are brother and sister and well they had named them after disney characters, and well i didnt like the name they had chosen for cocoa and so since i had picked him or well he picked me i said mom can we call him cocoa since he is brown and i just love hot cocoa and well cocoa loves his name and he knows it very well

Jasmine- the hs had named her that and I had liked it and same with my mother so we decided to keep her name that, and well i was always a fan of Aladdin

~The Bunny~
Sugar- hmm...i dont know, she is grey and white and i was thinking really hard on a name and i thought in a way she reminded me of sugar

~The Guniea Pigs~
Mama- she was first named brownie until she had a baby which was a very big surprise and she and i both got used to calling her mama

Baby- well baby is a boy, and ok i got lazy on names, but I always called him baby and mama mama so it had just stuck!
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My username - bnwalker2 - well because my first name is Britni, middle initial N, and Walker is my last name... 2 because I had registered once before with just bnwalker but forgot my password so I just re-registered.

Leo - When I got him I was thinking of names and thought of "Leo the Lion".

Daisy Duke - John named her, we had just watched Dukes of Hazzard.

Olive - We had a kitten that passed away right before we got her, his name was Oliver Felix, we wanted to name our new kitten something that would reflect our boy that we missed so terribly... so my boyfriend came up with Olive.

Tabitha - b/f named her as well, she was his "tabby cat" that he wanted, he really only ever calls her Tabby but I thought she should have a "full name".

Spooky Bear - Spooky for two reasons, one because it was a couple days before Halloween that we found him (and he is a black cat!), second because he was born feral and when we found him abandoned in the barn at 4 weeks old he was a scared, hissy little thing... it took us 2 hours to catch him. And "Bear" because I collect teddy bears and it just seemed appropriate.

Sasha - when I first trapped her, I named her Phoenix. But she didn't respond to it in the least way. I would sit and watch her and I kept thinking she needed an "S" name, it just seemed right. I was throwing out random names and she ignored them all but when I said "Sasha" she meowed and approached me.

Stanford - my boyfriend named him, not a clue why he came up with it.

Grabat (boyfriend's dad's cat) - because she was born in the barn and when she was about 4 months old she kept trying to run in, they would yell "grab that cat!"... it eventually got shortened to "grab 'at cat"... and then "Grabat".

Stranger (boyfriend's dad's cat) - because she just showed up one day and no one had ever seen her before, she was a "stranger".


Thunder - originally named Corbin, I changed it to Caleb... he is terrified of thunderstorms and every time I'd say "Thunder" he'd respond quicker than to "Caleb"... so now we just call him Thunder.

Sammy - one of three pups born to a dog I rescued while she was in labor. Sam was the first name that came to mind when I was coming up with names.

Vega - my boyfriend named her, after a car of course.

Scooter - my boyfriend had just gotten into buying mopeds and scooters about a week before we got our puppy. He wasn't sold on the idea of getting a puppy, although I had been wanting a Beagle pup for a very long time. I found the puppies and begged John to at least go look at them with me. He agreed but only if I could come up with a name first. I looked over at the scooter in the driveway and said "You can call him Scooter"... his eyes lit up, he was so thrilled with that idea.... and I got my puppy.

Sooner (boyfriend's dad's dog) - she's a German Shepherd/Beagle mix, and "if the German Shepherd had gotten there <i>sooner</i> she'd have been purebred.
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My display name is based on my chat name of goldeneagle (just changed it to goldenkitty (number is random)

On the other cat message board I have the name of ocimom (obvious since I now own one)

The cats we now have are Charlie and Ling. Charlie's registered name is Charlie Wonka (after the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - and being a chocolate spotted ocicat.

Ling is NOT named after a panda (being black/white). Her's is a complicated story. She (and all siblings) were born blue tabby/whites (from a calico mom). At one month of age, they all had blue points and still the tabby body. At two months they changed from blue point to seal point (with the blue tabby body). That's when they all got named as "oriental" names - LingLing, Ping & Pong (brother), Ying and Yang (sisters). At three months they all turned into black/white cats. However, in the right lighting you can see the tabby markings and some of the darker points on the face, legs, ears.

Keno (the lab) was named in memory/honor of my BIL (DH's brother) who died suddenly at age 43 from a massive heart attack. Milton was a dog lover and keno was his fav casino game.
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My user name is random.. Its a combination of a old nickname and some random numbers...

As for the animals...

Jenny - Named by my little brother when he was 7. He named her after a girl in his class he liked.

Pheelicks - Came from my Aunt. She couldn't keep him and that had been his name for a while, so we just left it. He comes RUNNING when you call him so we didn't feel like we should try to change it on him.

Mewmew - Named because everytime you look at her and say "mewmew" she starts rolling around and rubbing on everything possible. You would think she was in heat!

Spaz - When he was an 8 week old kitten, we put him in the litter box to show him where it was at. He stood there for a moment.... then jumped 2 feet straight in the air and took off RUNNING..... He acted like something had bit him in the butt....

Cleo - Husband named her.... not sure why he picked it....

Neville - when we took him home from the shelter I worked at, he was suppose to die soon... They gave him a month to live.... So we never changed it.... That was over 2 years ago.

Weeble - Named for her condition. She has cerebellur hypoplasia. She wobbles.... and yes, she does fall down from time to time...

Foster cats

Maneki Neko - Named for the japanese cat of good fortune. If I hadn't stepped in, he would have been put down... his old owner couldn't afford the blood transfusion he need. So he became mine for the time being until he is back to good health

Skylar - her old owner named her. She is 7 years old and I didn't want to change it on her now.


Oz - My husband and I named him in memory of a friend who had comitted suicide. It was his favorite bar to go to....

Mika - Lakota indian for little racoon. When she was a puppy she had a black mask. (She's a Siberian Husky and her colors have since changed)
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Oh names...

Zissou is named that after Life Aquatic movie characters, I thought she was a boy when I named her (I'd had pets for a total of one day of my life at the time) and she answered to it as I rattled off random names.

I'm Zissou'sMom on here because I came looking for info on spaying and after a devastating vet visit involving OTC flea shampoo. I was too upset to think of anything inventive!

My real name, Julie, is after a babysitter and a hair salon.
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My user name is named after my ragdoll cattery.. celestialrags it was named for my daughter, celeste

my cats are named
Honey - that's what she came with, I am not sure of her papered name.
Icey- her papered name is blueyed saphire Ice of celestialrags I named her saphire because she is a blue point and ice because of her eyes and it went well together.
Dante' - his papered name is beechridge dante's devine comedy of celestialrags Dante' is a philosopher who wrote the book the devine comedy of heaven and hell
Dora- just a moggie we got and my daughter named her after dora the explora
our newest kitten is only 3 weeks her name isn't registered yet but will be celestialrags sweet Obsession. her call name will be OB or as my daughter calls her bubbles from the power puff girls.

her rabbit is suzy and I think it was from ragrats.
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username = my name is laura and i loooovvee cats

cats name is Tabitha because she is a tabby lol

rabbits name is Bunny (it was originally buttons but we nicknamed her Bun so bunny sort of stuck)

birds name is pip, and i hav no idea why!!
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I took my username from my kitty Mimosa as she's the only one with a female name (and my real name is heard to pronounce for English speakers)

Ernesto was named for Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna (by my boyfriend)

Mimosa was named by me, because I like my Mimosa-scented showergel and the sound of the word

Flynn; we were trying to come up with a name for a male Somali (before Flynn was even born), and my boyfriend and I couldn't agree on anything. Flynn's breeder emailed me and mentioned some names she liked for this litter, she had names like Rowan (red-haired, for a sorrel male), Morris (dark, darkskinned, for a ruddy male), Sienna (reddish-brown, for a female) and Flynn (son of a red haired man, ruddy complected). Boyfriend and me both liked the name Flynn, so I told her that. She also knew we probably wanted a ruddy male. When the litter was born she named the only ruddy male Flynn. And he eventually came to live with us. (not because we liked his name or because he was the only ruddy male though, but because we had a click)

dEUS: when we were waiting for Flynn my boyfriend suddenly wanted to get a fourth cat. After a week I said OK, but it makes more sense if we get him at the same time as Flynn so Ernesto and Mimosa don't have to adjust to a new kitten twice. Flynn's breeder had a litter of Birmans available as well, and we picked the one called Bresker (Dutch name of the Brashen Trell character from Robin Hobb's Liveship trilogy). But his name was a bit hard to pronounce for everyday use so we ended up looking for a name for a male cat again. There is this band from Belgium we both like, called dEUS: and Deus is also Latin for "god", kinda fitting for a Sacred Birman.
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Ok well my username is mybabyphx. PHX is my 1 yr old male cat (by the way he looks IDENTICAL to bnwalker2 's cat!!) He's a siamese mix. Very pretty, I call him my baby PHX is his name (Phoenix) and I didn't name him but he was orginally from the PHX humane society!

I also have a cat named Chewy (that is living with my mom temporarily) and he was named Chewbaca- but I like Chewy better!

I have a turtle named Bud- because he's our BUDDY!

And a snail named Gary-- I think ??? it's off of sponge bob square pants?? not sure.

Cats I used to have:
I used to have a cat named Nemo (which he ran away ) I named him after finding nemo, but my boyfriend says its after Captian Nemo... whatever!

I had a cat named Dory..she was a stray that I took in. But we no longer have her.
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My username, is followedby dolls because i am i have 3 ragdolls and one thing they are known for is following you about.

The cats names, abigail[abby for short] because she just look like one to me

Copper, the breeder named him, his registered name is copper penny blah..blah.. he's a flame mitted ragdoll.

Quinlan, well i like the name, it's of Gaelic origin..

I won't bother getting into the long list of other pets
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The reason my screen name is trixie 23... Trixie is a nickname I have had since I was around 7, ever see the movie Problem Child 2? Well everyone always says I look like the little girl in that movie especially when i am mad... The 23 is for my age!

As for my cats names:
Tiger- Didn't name him the bf did because he is an orange tabby
Nollee- I got the idea off of a Pac Sun clothing brand called Nollie (Noll-Lee) I decided to change the spelling and the pronounciation a little to Nollee (Nole-Lee)! It's not a common name so I liked it!

Other names I want for future pets:
Isis (eye-sis) after an egyptian cat goddess, Nolita, Lolita, Hurley, Lacuna, Lilu, etc! All girl names btw!
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mom_2_3 - I also have 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 pet cats, 3 other cats, and 3 bunnies!

Anyway, we got Felix and Fenwick when we got home from getting married in Fenwick Island DE. Fenwick is named for our wedding spot, and Felix just sounded good with fenwick. Fergie sounded good with the other two, and being a hopeless Anglophile, I like the Dutchess of York.

My username is an Alice in Wonderland reference.
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ChrissyR - My first name and last initial.

Cats - (I won't go into them all)

Isis - Originally Ice. She was born on the floorboard of a junk Firebird in a puddle of ice cold water.

China - Not 100% sure how I got her name. Just one of those things. DH and I would joke around about her growing as big as China when she was a tiny little thing. She was sick for her first 10 weeks of life so it was a joke to keep my spirits up. (Now I call her Chee-Chee, Been-ah, Bean Head)

Worm - He was 3 days premature and wriggled like a little worm all over the place.

Jake - My father named him. Said he looked like a bum.

Chewie - Short for Chewbacca

Jabba - Short for Jabba The Hut

Dogs -

Butch - He was already named that by my brother.

Cassie - Already named by my Grandmother

Bear - Chow-chow and just looked like a bear.

B - Was named Binky. Couldn't think of anything better so just went with B.

Angel - Already named by my brother.

Shorty - Formally Vette. I would just call her shorty and she would listen.

Porkchop - Because she's huge! LOL

Willie - He was the first born. Kept tellin Shorty to "Free Willy". LOL

Jewel - She has a white diamond shape of hair on her shoulder blades.

Sweetie - Also known as Tweetie. She's just an adorbale spaz.
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Okay well my name is Keisha, because thats my cats name and I'm not very creative usually. My real name is bethany (ugh... ).

As for my animals, I'll just go for my current ones. Okay, so

Spike- My younger sister named him after the rugratz. Me and my mom couldn't think of anything better at the time (7 years ago) so it just stuck.

Luke- Well they were gonna name him Wilson (which i didn't like) so I thought of Luke, and my step-dad heard that, and he instantly loved it. And it waas also off of Luke off of Gilmore girls, and Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazarrd. We call him Dukey sometimes too. So if I ever get a female dog her name will be Daisy if it fits, and if i ever get a male dog his name will be Beau if it fits.

Black-jack- He came with his name, and we got him not too long ago, and he is 4 almost 5 so we just kept that name. And i call him Blacky alot.

Keisha-I really don't know how she got her name. I cant' remember at all, but I love it

Kalli-i got to name punkin and Kandee, and so she wanted to name her. so i let her, oh my sister btw.

Sammy- it just came to me when i was petting him. soundslike a good name for a fat cat like he is.

Curly-someone one here suggested the three stooges names for them and i like that so thats how it went.
Moe-^^^^ yup
Kiki-i am pretty sure thats her name, my friends are in charge of naming my three newesst chickens, and they can't seem to come to a decision very well atall. See I think they were naming the other two Larry and Jenny, because our off and on friend jenny has a boyfriend named Larry, and she has always wanted to name a kid if she had one Kiki. I asked them about naming them, and they said they would, and all of a sudden as a joke my friend Erika bllurted out Jenni, and sothen steph suggested Larry, and then Kiki. But then we htought that was all good, and then we realized that I already had a chicken named Larry, so i dont know if that is going to stikc or not, it doesn't really matter to me or not.

Chase- we named him chase because i had to chase him all the way across a town i didnt' know untill i caught him. if you want to know mmore about that i have a post in this section about that.

Bubba/Alpine- His name has not really beeen decided on yet. debatingabout it yet.

Billy- I have no idea where i came up with this i just liked it

Bobbi-so i gave her a matching name to billy.

Mika-my friends favorite name and she named her.

Snowballz- well thats all they could think off, untill a day after he was named we thought of marshmellow.

Well right now i have 12 chichlids. and only 4 of them have names.
Mr. Skunk-because he is black with a white stripe, and he is like the leader of the pack
Mrs. Skunk- because she looks like him but smaller, and hangs out with him
Mango-bright orangeish yellowish
Big blue-pretty big blue fish :P

well my guineas don't have a name yet. I just normally finding my self calling them the dumb guineas. Or cussing at them when they do somehtign else stupid. they are incredibly dumb. i mean really. jeez. wehave to put marbles in there water dish, because if you don't they will drown themselves inthere water dish. crazy. they also can get into a fence if they openn it and then they throw fits because they can't remember how to get out. even thoguh thye can fly. the last day i was theere . they were all in a tree and were landing, and they missed the ground and al hit the top of the grain bin. it was a HUGE thunk. you also can't tell them apart by lookingat them, and the only way to sex themis to listen to their call. which i can doo, i just dont' remmeber which one is which since they all lookthe same.

Lea- my horses name is Lea, i guess techniclally thats her nickname, as her papered name is Slewlea (seattle slew is her grandpa) , and she came withthat nicknme, and she comes to it, and i like it so we kept it.

Baby-she was the smallest one that i had, and so i called her that, she looks like a wild bunny, so sometimes i call her the wild thang, my friend dallas came up with that, and i think its funny. because she is so crazy, sheis always doign these really sharp turns, running at full speed.

Hopper-is a crazy hopper and my mom came up with that

Oreo-my sister named him he is black and white like an oreo....

Caramel-because of her coloring, andi love caramel

Pepper-is black with white and gray speckles

and i think thats it
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well, my screen name is rather self explanatory, at least i think it is.

my kitty my brother JJ named. Johnny our little brother had a kitten before, but it had died and so my mother was replacing it. and we were joking around on the way home how the new kitty "Had to live" this time. and as stupid as it was it stuck. there is a cruder version of her name but i'm not gonna put it here. it refers to a piece of anatomy she didn't posses because she wasn't a he.

my sisters dog was already named Shasta when we got her.

my mother named Sadie or some reason, idk.

we named stripes that because we were lazy, he is a tabby, and he was the kitten we didn't want to keep. of course with our luck we still have him, though now we wouldn't give him away for nothin'.

my sister Flesh&Roses hasn't posted anything yet but she has registered. i will point her to this thread.
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Darkeyedgirl... cuz I have really dark eyes. Bigguns, too (my eyes)...

Snickers: when he was a kitten, he looked like a Snickers bar; caramel (red), nougat (gray), and dark brown (chocolate). And he was NUTS! Calm now, and more of a Special Dark without the nougat...

Dusty: She looks like a walking dust mop. Long beautiful silvery hair.

Miss Jessie: love the name for a girl, and there's a song out there about living in a trailer by the sea... "you, the cat, and me".

Miss K.C.: Simply put: Miss Kitty Cat (couldn't think of anything else!)

Zorro: he is black & white, and he wears a black 'mask' (markings).

Hammie: named after the Cartoon Network character, Hamtaro. An orange & white hamster who broke free from his cage every night and went on adventures!

Other pets in our household:
Skippy & Tiger (my husband's cats; he named them)

and Barney the Dog (was my aunt's dog, she named him. Then my mom's dog; she kept the name Barney. So I kept the name Barney when he finally came to live with me). I can't change his name cuz he is well... quite a barney.
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My username is because I am Trouts mom And I named Trout that because she is cute and I think Troutfish are cute
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My screen name is my two babies names Enzo and Leya. Enzo was my boyfriend and mines' first baby and we wanted a really odd, neat name. Enzo is from the man who created Farrari, Enzo Farrari. Our Leya is our little girl. Her name came from a really odd place. We were watching TV one night, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and his daughter that got killed by a drunk driver was named Leah. We really liked the name but changed the spelling because Enzo has a Z in it and I wanted Leya to have a Y.....I know I'm weird!!
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User name: Kalikat - vet told me Blossom was torty & I read that tortys with white were calico. She has white feet & bib on chest.
Cats: Coco - torty, very chocolate brown with orange flecks.
Blossom - found in Spring at 3 weeks old. Has a bright face reminded me of a flower.
Dogs: April - Border Collie was born in April, named by my mum.
Sooty - sooty colored.
Birds: Blue - the budgie, & Big Bird - the Rainbow Loikeet, he's bigger than the budgie.
Mice: Little Squirt, the daddy mouse, he was small when I bought him.
Spikey, son, is really fluffy with champagne colored spikey fur.
Star, daughter, grey with a little diamond shape on her forehead.
Snake: Spirit - son's Childrens Python, he's into dragons.
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