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~Welcome Tosca, Youssarian and Lazuli~

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~Well No No's babies were born during Meerkat Manor at about 2-3 am on Sautrday morning. I am pretty sure on the sexes of the 3 kits but even if they arent what I think, the names are pretty universal. I just took new pics and wanted to share my new babies with everyone. Thaks for all the great advice. I did not think she would have them for 1-2 more weeks but she surpised me with them Saturday morning. She had 3, a boy and 2 girls. The first 2 I did not see born but we watched the little black striped girl be born. I had to cut the umbilical cords on all the babies, and had to remove the 3rd baby from the sac. This is moms first litter and she was soooo good but after the first 2 was very exausted. When I found her with the babies she looked at me like "WHEW finally now mom you take over for me".

She is VERY affectionate with her babies. She doesnt mind me holding them or even mind Oreo popping her head in to check on things. I have her in my bedroom and unless Im sitting in the floor with her Oreo and Abby isnt allowed in the room. Abby hasnt seen the babies and I dout I will let her real soon because she is very excited and happy and could injure the babies or make No No very upset. Oreo sniffed the babies and then just sit outside the box like she was watching over them. They are all SOOO sweet. I have 3 kids and so each of them have claimed a baby. Looks like all 3 babies may be staying here forever haha!

Well here is my collection of pictures so far~

The orange male is by far the largest of the 3. He is a little Monster. His name is Youssarian. "Pronounced You-Sary-An"

The second largest is the black tabby female named Lazuli. "Pronounced Laz-You-Lie" She has looonnngg legs and looks very exotic.

The last girl is the smallest in the litter. She has the white upside down V on her forehead like mom. She is grey tabby and white. Her name is Tosca "Pronounced Toss- Kah"

Here are pics of everyone!


Random Pics
Here you can see how BIG Youssarian is to the girls and also how No No is being such a good mom giving her babies alot of love and attention.

I caught the birth of the last baby.

This is just minutes after the last babies birth.
Here is an hour after the last birth.(5am) Everyone dry, and snugged up with mom.
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Great pics..they are all so cute!
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wow, she seems so proud of her new little babies, i want Youssarian, but i think they are all so gorgeous!!
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Originally Posted by troublesome2 View Post
wow, she seems so proud of her new little babies, i want Youssarian, but i think they are all so gorgeous!!
i want them all. Soon i will have my own

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I do like the names you have chosen - very unique...and lovely pictures!!!!
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~Thanks! They are precious indeed. I can barely drag myself away to go to the store for fear of they may do something CUTE or make a sweet SOUND haha. She is such a good mom. She leaves to come downstairs to get a few minutes of "ME" time but right back upstairs to her yung'ns after that. She looks so happy and content just laying with them. They arent whiners either haha. My son said "Mom I dont know alot about cats but our cats are no sissys because they arent crying and whining alot". So mom is doing her job to make sure her babies are happy, fed, loved and warm and if mom isnt around to do is she knows GRANDMA will haha.~

~Yup I like the names as well. Wasnt hard to decide on names because they just "LOOK" like the names. At least to us, we are ADVID Meerkat Manor watchers haha~

~My son is still alittle confused if he wants to name the orange male Youssarian or Zaphod. If one of the girls END up being a boy instead they will change named to Zaphod. He really liked BOTH Zaphod and Youssarian.~
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How did you choose the names? where are they from?
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Great pics

However, I'm questioning the "black" tabby since there is no real color. I think its will be a darker blue tabby then the other blue tabby. Keep us posted with pics as they grow.
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They are PRECIOUS!

Enjoy these baby-days, as they'll grow up fast!!!
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~Hmm so there is no such thing as a black tabby? She is definatly black right now, black streak down her back, but with the stripes on the sides. The other kitten is definatly grey/blue whatever you call it. Hmm so the black tabby can change into the color of the other kitten? Im clueless as to the colors/genetics of cats. Im just so excited they are here and healthy thus far. Im pretty sure can tell sexes though because the Orange one has much larger genitals than the other 2 and definatly looks different from the girls.~

~Lazuli, the black tabby girl has a black streak straight down her back, and her tail is black, but on her sides she has grey lines. So does the grey of the lines cause her to be called a GREY tabby?~

Im clueless when it comes to cat colors etc. Ive been in dog rescue for several years with taking in a few adult cats but this is my first litter of kittens.

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~To somebody who knows colors and genetics....what color would my momma cat be considered? She is part siamese, she has a grey tabby tail, grey points, and some shadings of grey on her back. What official color would she be considered?~

She is solid white, some grey spotting on her pads but her pads arent all black/dark.

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~So there is no such thing as a black tabby? I was reading about the different TABBY colors at

My girl looks alot like the cat on the above link that they call a LYNX

and they named BLACK as a color of tabby. Hmm you can tell Im normally a DOG person haha~
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congratz on the babies!! theyare so cute, and moma is looking good! i love theirnames
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~Well Ive been bragging on the babies and No No all day and Oreo has been following me around like "HEY MoM Im still here 2 ya know". I havent forgotten about my little small fry Oreo but its been chaos here since we got back in town and with the babies etc that I havent paid any attention to Abby and Oreo. I was taking pictures of the babies when Oreo jumped in the basket I had just taken them out of and looked at me like "Okay its MY turn to take a dang pic" lol so I wanted to share my little miss priss's picture.~

~This is Oreo. She is a SMALL 9 months old female stray we took in. She is the height of a 4 month old kitten. VERY healthy but just small for her age.~

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Oh thats adorable !
I think she wants attention
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Oreo *Happy Easter TCS*
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aww they are so adorable - and momas looking well keep us posted :bightumb:
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~Everyone is still doing good. I made a double post with this thread but its not letting my delete it. Can a Mod delete the other one or something?~
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They are just beautiful. Yousarian should be "moose sarian" I swear he is the biggest pudgiest kitty I have sever seen. Sooooooooooo Cute!

Lots of loving for sweet momma No No
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~HAHA Moose Youssarian lol thats cute...might just stick. He is a MONSTER! He will push his little sister and brother out of the way to get to the fullest milk jug haha. He is a little HOG! He is so big compared to the others. I worry because their nails are so sharp and I see him climb and scratch the other 2 in the face to get them off a tit so he can take it. Lil boy cannot even SEE yet and already being a bully to his sis and bro. I need to trip his nails though they are sharp little things. Ill get more pics tonight. Ive been sick and havent been on that much or messing with them. Mom has been pretty protective of them and doesnt like when Im all in her grill with the camera. Ill sneak a few pics tonight with an update~
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