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Worried about Ailey

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ever since cheyenne left on wednesday ailey has been acting very strange she sounds like she is whining all the time very vocal but sounds sad at the same time. she wonders around the house like shes looking for something shes not sleeping on her normal schedule. and she wants me to hold her all the time. when the phone rings she will sit in front of me while i talk on it. when cheyenne calls ailey rubs up against the phone and has knocked the phone out of my hand a couple of times. i let cheyenne talk to her and she perks up for a bit but as soon as i hang up she went back to acting almost lost. could she really be missing cheyenne that much?
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Oh yes, I think she could! And what a sweetheart she is to feel that way. Maybe you could take something of Cheyenne's that has her scent on it and tuck it into Ailey's bedding, to comfort her.

Other than that, all I know to do is give her lots of love and attention. Poor little one! Please give her a snuggle from me...
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Poor kitty!

Please have a nice talk with her and tell her why Cheyenne can't be there with her right now. Tell her the whole story, and do give her something that smells like Cheyenne to snuggle, like her pillowcase, if you have one she slept on. That will help her to understand and to feel better.
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i left cheyennes room open while she was gone so that they could sleep on her bed like they always do i thought that might help. ailey has been sleeping (when she does) on cheyes pillow and on her blankie (yes my 10 year old still has her blankie) cheye will be home tomorrow (her plane comes in at 10:30 am) im hoping that her return will make things better. i know i have been kinda stressed out because i have never been this far away from her before and i know that the kittys can feel my stress and i know this is making things worse. i cant wait for tomorrow. i told ailey that "sister will be home tomorrow and then things will be all back to normal", she just gave me headbuts and kept chirping Poor baby i know how she feels i was glad that i had to work this weekend im not sure i could have handled being at the house by myself while cheyenne was gone.
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Awwwww that poor baby.Give her extra love and she'll be ok.
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