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Holy cow Kitten scare

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Holy cow... major kitten scare! {good ending}
I was talking to my sister on the phone, sending her some photos and I kept hearing Milo... but it was like she was in a closet or closed area....
So dh and I looked around the house and still couldnt find her or Max... We looked in the garage, dh even pulled up the floor boards (how they'd get under the house I don't know)....
Dh went into the bathroom and heard her... she was outside!! We never let them out to wander freely.... only on their kitten runs (a thingy pounded into the ground w/3 runs off it so they can wander the front yard and we can keep a eye on them).
Normally when they take off it's hard to catch them... but tonight Milo came right to me. Put her in the house, went to the backyard and there was Max and he came running to me. I think both were VERY happy they found 'me'.
They've only been in the backyard maybe 2x. Of course they sit up in our bedroom window which overlooks the backyard.... It was pitch black outside, no lights.
Thankfully Pepper didn't get out, she is so dark... Id be afraid she'd get run over or something... Plus she doesn't "come to us" as easily. I could see her not coming back right away.
Still I was surprised at how easily they came to me and *so* relieved they didn't run off. Dh thinks they were out for 1/2 hour or more!
I found out how they got out, the screen on dh's bedroom window (the cat room) some how popped off. They were probably sitting up there and some how it popped off.
My sister lets her cat out all the time... and told me tonight "See you had nothing to worry about...." and she thinks I'm funny/weird/strange/stupid for worrying if the kittens get outside.

Anyways I'm *so* happy all 3 are safely in the house now....
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So glad you have them back. I can relate to how scary it is when you can't find one. The little imps going out through the screen! I've had the same problem until I finally attached my screens so they can't be pushed out, at least by the furkids. I'm just so happy for you that they are safe and home.
Blessed Be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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Good lord I know how you feel. I'm so glad you got them both back.

When we got Suki we never let her out, then we decided to see how she got on in the backyard. She jumped on the wall and we didn't see her for 12 hours. I was frantic. We knew the area she was in, but she was so frightened that she kept hiding from every noise.

It got to the stage were I was out all day trying to get her in. Then that night I opened the back gate and there she was, cold and crying for me. I said 'come on in you little bugger' and she shot in and stuffed her face with cat meat and biscuits.

I have never been so worried. But now she's an indoor cat, much safer.
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So glad you got your kittens back safely! And by the way, welcome to The Cat Site!
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My two are indoor cats. Rowdy will dart out, every chance that she gets, though. I have a harness/leash combo and take her out to the backyard, sometimes.

Opie won't go out, for anything. When the door is opened, he just sits there or, goes somewhere else. We have heavy wrought-iron and security mesh screen doors. Both cats love to hang out there and watch the world. The neighbors' outdoor cat, Fritz, comes over to visit. He sits on the front porch and chats with Opie and Rowdy.
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It is just awful when you can't find them. It's the same as if your children went missing. You think "they're only babies. They don't know where they live" etc etc. I'm so glad they are home safe and sound. My Barney had always lived outside (he was abandoned) but I just didn't want him to leave the house because I thought he'd just wander off in search of adventure and not know where to come home. I started letting him out for an hour or two and one day, I was on the phone to my mother and I spotted him up on our six foot high fence and there is a German Shepherd on the other side! I just freaked! I started calling him and getting upset and poor Mum didn't know what was going on (she hasn't met Barney yet)and she started getting upset and the whole thing was a nightmare! Another morning recently, I couldn't find Barney but I thought I could hear him calling. Turned out he was up in the rafters of the shed. Got myself a ladder and tried to get him down but he wasn't having any of it. After 2 hours of moving my ladder all over the place trying to grab him, I decided I needed a cup of coffee and a smoke to sooth my shattered nerves. Halfway through the coffee, who should come sauntering down the yard but Mr Barnes! I swear I'm too old to be on his staff!
Diann in Australia
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Mine have runs in the front yard but only have been in the back a couple times. Luckily they havent tried to get out since but Max whines at the door at times Doesnt he know it's not good to go outside??? Plus we still have bears out and about....
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I'm glad the kittens are back inside safe and sound. Our's haven't gone missing, and I would just be in a panic if they ever escaped!
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Welcome! We all love a happy ending here! I got so worried when I saw the subject... We've talked so many people through finding their kittens. And it is just so sad when those threads disappear with no happy news. Fortunately, The Cat Site appears to have some kind of magic about it (must be all the wonderful people here! :tounge2: ), and there are also many happy endings.

I'm so glad yours was a happy one before we had to even comfort you!

Hope you have fun with us here!

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ME too!! Had my sister's dog been in the back, even tho they know him they'd probably have freaked out.
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My DSH Mystique was missing for 2 weeks last winter, before we found her (less than a block away). She had dropped to skin and bones. She is fine now although overweight! She seems to be afraid the food will disappear.
I was a wreck and drove the family crazy having them hand out flyers. Someone with a flyer called us on their cell. We ran down the street with her crate and smothered her with attention.
She is so spoiled! We watch the door more carefully now as none of my cats are allowed outside.
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We have name tags but they keep growing so darn fast we hadnt put them on.... :x Bad us Now Im not sure where the tags went :/
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