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Cat just moved countries

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A friend told me about this site as I have some worries about my cat. My cat was just on a very long flight (there was an emergency landing due to problems, so instead of an 8 hour flight plus 8 hours spent in holding pre/post flight it was about 30 hrs in total). She has now been home for one day and has not yet been to the toilet. That makes for about 48 hours. I know she is probably somewhat dehydrated, as they go for quite some time without food. I have given her plenty of water and food, she is somewhat nervous and will only eat if I sit with her. So, of course I have been doing that! My head is telling me she will go once she has enough food and water in her that she is fully hydrated etc. But I am a bit worried. Has anyone heard of this??
Thanks !
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Hi and welcome to TCS - I am sorry to hear about that terrible flight I bet you were worried sick about your cat

I flew 2 of my 4 cats from UK to Spain and they were very stressed for about 4 days after the flight and car journey. They did not have all the delays you had but it was obviously long enough to upset them

I think you are right, just be watchful, keep sitting with her is that encourages her to eat, she will be getting nutrition and fluids. Do you know for certain that she did not wee/poo whilst in transit or holding ? So maybe the timescales are a bit shorter than you think

Anyway if she has done something within the next day or so, maybe a vet check would be good

Keep us posted and I hope shes back to normal soon
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thanks so much. She urinated today (whew) just as I was about to make the appointment.
Thanks for the help and info. She is sleeping a lot, but more like her usual self today (although I think you are right it will take a couple weeks).
Thanks again, looks like a great forum
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Glad kitty is coming around

I've had cats (when showing) wait the ENTIRE day before the used the litter pan - they would not go at the show - and held it till in the evening - which sometimes would be about 12 hrs total.
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Aww... hope your baby is back to herself soon. This is a great board with a wealth of knowledge. Welcome!
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