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Daily Thread, Sunday April 8th

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Happy Easter to those of you celebrating today.

Today is also my mother's birthday, so they will be over later, along with one of my brothers and some of his daughters.

At my mother's request we will be having homemade pizza, so not a very traditional meal in my house this year. We are also having German chocolate cake, and chocolate chunk cheesecake.

I have already broken into the bag of Cape Cod sea salt and vinegar chips, so I don't think there will be any left for the guests. This is why I never buy them

Aaron has been finishing off painting our upstairs bathroom while I have been making dough.

Anyone else cooking today?

Enjoy your day!
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not much planned for today since cheyenne is not here(shes coming home tomorrow i miss her like crazy!!) charlie and i are having dinner with my parents and sister and BIL later this evening. charlie has to work 9-5 today sometimes i really hate menards but o well i have a chance to clean the house today lol
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We are having roast Lamb, roast potatoes, roast root veg, brocoli ,cabage and peas, followed by Plum and Apple crumble and cream. Best of all DH is cooking
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Happy White Easter! We are not having a traditional easter feast. My mom is making rouladen with dumplings and gravy. I am waiting for the snow to melt so I can try to get my plants to stand back up. I have a feeling it will take all day to melt.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
We are having roast Lamb, roast potatoes, roast root veg, brocoli ,cabage and peas, followed by Plum and Apple crumble and cream. Best of all DH is cooking
I am coming to yours for dinner!

Matt is also cooking a roast (beef I think, it doesn't smell cooked enough to tell yet) it is a surprise and I am supposed to stay out of the kitchen
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Happy Easter!

We're all getting together @ my Grandparents house.... there will be about 30 of us this year (with boyfriends/girlfriends of my cousins'). We're doing a non-traditional meal- hamburgers and brauts! We're going for easy this year Got up and went to church w/ my Mom, Grandma & Grandpa, then we went to F'mont and got breakfast... and I came back here and helped my Grandpa finish stuffing easter eggs w/ money for the easter egg hunt later- and now we're just relaxing til everyone arrives

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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I am making a turkey,stuffing,mashed potatoes,gravy,rolls,green beans and for dessert...........2 chocolate pudding pies.
Happy Easter everyone!
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I am going semi-traditional... a small leg of lamb, which is finishing up in the oven as I type, and a couple of artichokes (California girl here) which are steaming in the pot right now... although I may only eat one of them, considering the lamb... I had a slice of it earlier and found the inner area wasn't *quite* done, so it's back in for a while... not a problem...

If my mom were still cooking and I were down in CA right now, we'd have more than what I'm doing... lamb, potatoes and yams (because SOME of us don't like yams, so we have both), and some sort of veggie (probably broccoli, because my sister doesn't like peas, even at her age... yeesh). But she is getting more and more forgetful, so they'll probably just do something frozen...

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My b-i-l and his family are away right now, and I invited my m-i-l and f-i-l over for roast lamb with mint jelly, potato dumplings with a homemade cranberry sauce, and a tossed salad. Last night, my m-i-l called, saying my f-i-l wasn't in the mood for lamb, and was paranoid about possibly ingesting some cat hair at our house (an old story - he doesn't approve of pets in the house), so could we please come to their house for dinner?
So - we went, and my m-i-l, one of the best cooks ever, had managed to burn everything, which was a first in the 28 years I've known her. Her excuse was that she'd never had such a bad day, but I think she did it deliberately to "show" him. Anyhow, Easter dinner is going to be cooked here tomorrow (a public holiday), and she's invited. He can have a sandwich or leftovers, or overcome his paranoia about "unsanitary" pets and have a good meal. I might even be able to convince Jamie that it's not nice to untie Opa's shoelaces, or sit on his head, because Opa is afraid to shoo him.
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Can't say I've ever had lamb-had mutton once (yuck). The spiral glazed ham will be done in a few minutes with some cheesy garlic bread, potato wedges and whatever else I can coax out of the fridge!!
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I just had to post a follow-up. My f-i-l stopped by a little before 10 this morning, to give us some potatoes, and to borrow some tools to repair his bike. I was preparing our lamb roast, and his comment was, "That looks really lean." I told him that that's what he would've had for dinner yesterday, if he hadn't have started about cat hair, and he "invited" himself for (our noon) supper. He (and my m-i-l) really dug in, and he actually didn't object when Jamie begged for his share, and ate it on the kitchen counter. Progress! He's in his mid-eighties, and is actually starting to admit that dogs and cats can be useful!
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