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Thoughts and prayers for Joey and your family.
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Many prayers coming that way for BOTH of you.HUGS!!!
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I'm sending lots of for Joey, Helen.
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Many positive thoughts and {{{get well}}} vibes for Joey from us, Helen!
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Tons of thoughts, prayers, and vibes coming from here.
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Sending you lots of good healthy vibes to Joey ((((((((()))))))))))
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Mega {{{VIBES}}} to you & Joey.
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I will keep him in my prayers.
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My heart goes out to you Helen.
Vibes are on the way for Joey.
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Sending major vibes!
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My thoughts are with you and Joey.
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Hoping for the best for Joey.
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I'm sending out my prayers and get well vibes to Joey.
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You are all in my thoughts.
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Oh no Helen I am sending many vibes for Joey
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Many vibes for Joey and for his mom
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Poor Joey. I'm so sorry, I'll be keeping Joey in my thoughts and prayers.
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Still Thinking of you Helen and Praying for Joey
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Keep us updated... Sending lotsa vibes.
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My prayers are with Joey.
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i hope there is some good news for joey this morning
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I am just now seeing this thread. Poor Joey. Sending many good vibes Joey's way. And to you.
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*hugs* for Joey I hope he feels better soon. Poor baby!
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Oh Helen, I'm so sorry to hear this! Lots and Lots of healthy vibes for sweet little Joey!
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More vibes for you and Joey.
Have any news yet?
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Helen i couldn't believe it when i heard about this. How much more sadness has to be thrown at you
((((((MEGA HEALTHY VIBES AND PRAYERS)))))) winging their way over to Joey

Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
I think we have had enough bad luck
Your so right there Lois. TCS has had more than their fair share of their members babies being ill
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just checking in to see if we know any news about Joey

lots of positive (((((((( thoughts & vibes )))))))) still coming from Spain
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Still sending prayers and hugs for you and Joey from Mississippi.

I hope you have some better news this morning.

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More prayers coming for Joey, and plenty of hugs for you.
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