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An Easter blizzard...

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So, I was supposed to go down to my Dad's for some grilled lamb and some fancy potatoes. Well, Mother Nature decided that she'd dump a huge amount of snow on us this year. Now I'm stuck at home with five fancy cup cakes that need to be eaten.

I'm thinking about passing them out to the neighbors.

Anyone want one?
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I'll take one!

We didn't get snow here, but it got down to 14 degrees (F) last night. I hope you can make it out today!!
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We are covered with snow everywhere! In texas and in april! I've seen it all now and hope my plants can recover. So much for doing yard work this weekend and going to the shelter to help out...
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I'd like a fancy cupcake, please!

I don't celebrate Easter, so I never get a yummy dinner on this day.
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I hear ya about the blizzard..........talk about Mother Nature gettng things screwed up......
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I'll take a cupcake!!! Snow is predicted again thru Wednesday!!
At least I'm not in the UP of Michigan Marquette and Houghton just got another 24 inches!!
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I will take a cupcake please!! As far as the weather, thank goodness we dont have snow, but the temp could sure be warmer!!
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Pass a cupcake on over and I'll help you out with it!!!
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