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What's good for nerves?

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Ok, I passed my theory test side for my driving, and in a months time I have my practical driving test...HELP!!!

I am so nervous I drive fine with my instructor but the thought of the examiner sitting next to me scares the hell out of me! I know it's going to be eerily silent and that will make me more nervous than I already am, I've never had any confidence in myself so automatically think I'm gonna screw this up big time, can anyone offer any advice? This means so much to me you just don't know and I'll be mortified if I fail.
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Relax!!! If you do fine with your instructor, then you ought to do fine with someone else.

I was almost 18 when I got my license. I was so scared I was going to fail and I didnt. I was the last of all my friends (besides my now fiance') to get a license. But, I got it on the first try. So just relax and tell yourself "I Can DO THIS."

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well easy to say, but try to relax, take some deep breaths

Heres sending some good luck ((((( vibes )))))) for your test - go sock it to 'em
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Just think of it as just another driving outing with your instructor.

I remember my driving test like it was yesterday. !979 the day after a major blizzard and the streets weren't even cleared yet.

You passed your theory. You drive fine with your instructor. You will do just fine Go in with the mentality that you will get through it on your first try and you will!
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i passed my driving test at 22 and mostly just kept putting it off due to anxiety..the guy knew i was just real nervous and when i messed up oon one part(stoping for 5 seconds at stop sign) he didnt say anything but had me go around again and that time i stopped for full test was about 3 minutes long and just was a make letf, make right, park on side of road i thought it would be dragged out-so trty to see who gives the easiest test in your area(my sister in another county took a low denisty road test-i took a closed course
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Just try to think of the examiner as another instructor. Stay positive and just try to think of one thing at a time while your doing your test. Just concentrate on what he wants you to do at the time. Don't try to jumble everything together. Remember, they know that most people get nervous, they are human just like us. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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My sister got a relaxation/confidence boosting CD before her University exams...its not hypnotherapy...but works in the lines of just getting your nerves to settle and build inner strength. She thought it was really helpful.
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Okay, this is going to sound all "New-Agey," but... what you need is not just a way to get through your driving test, but a way to get through any stressful situation. Once you develop the ability to become focused and still even in the midst of chaos, you can handle almost anything that comes along.

Minxie's suggestion is a great one, if you can find an appropriate CD. You might look for reviews on But even if you can't find a CD you like, there are simple visualizations you can use to learn how to draw your awareness in close around you, so that you are not distracted or disturbed... and also to bring calm and sureness deep into yourself.

See? I told you it would sound New-Agey. But seriously, these are things that can really help -- they've certainly helped me. A year ago, I literally trembled at the thought of going for a job interview, for example. I spent several weeks in this kind of therapy, and I came away with the ability to remain rock-solid in almost any situation. (Family troubles can still push me over the edge. )

If you're not laughing out loud at all this, I'd be happy to try to impart some of it to you... just PM me if you like. Either way, good luck!
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Aww bless ya's thank you. I'm definatly taking my mum with me ( when I said this to a friend she thought I was taking her ashes! ) but I'm taking a picture of her, always need mum close by.

I did think maybe I should just think i've already passed and it's my first time out alone and I have to be even more vigilant than when my instructor is with me (no dual pedals!) I'll probably be shaking on the day and end up in a bush

I will indeed look for a relaxation CD, thank you guys
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I'm a hypnotherapist and this works for anything you are nervous about, so thought I'd post it here:

Ok, first we need to establish your timeline as follows:

Think of an event in the past, maybe one week ago, or one month ago. Where is that in relation to yourself, is it in front of you? behind you? to either side?

Now think of an event in the future. Maybe one week ahead, or 1 month. Where is that in relation to yourself, is it in front of you? behind you? to either side?

Now look at the location of these two events, maybe one is in front of you and one behind you, or maybe they are one either side of you? Do you notice that this arrangement implies a line? This is your timeline.

Now, go down your timeline, out into your future, after the successfull completion of the event. Turn around, facing now and look at the event. Notice that any anxiety about the event is gone.

Repeat as neccessary.

Feel free to pm me if you would like any help, this is a very brief version, but this is very effective - I've used it to release any anxiety about my upcoming wedding (3weeks!!!) and now all I feel is excitement!

Good luck!
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Do you know anyone who recently took the test?? Perhaps you can find out what items you will be tested on like knowing how to turn on the lights, blinkers etc. You will probably have to do some sort of parking. Even though I took mine a long time ago (1973) I remember I was too cautious like almost stopping at every intersection!!
Remember the person in charge of the test is human too. Smile at this person and do your best!!
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Oooh! Take Jessy up on that! I was afraid to use the term hypnotherapy, because so many people misunderstand it -- but that's exactly what I went through, and it was excellent. I really don't know whether you could say I was ever actually hypnotized or not, but whatever it was, it worked. And I'm still able to call it up and use it on my own when I need to.

Very cool, Jessy -- I'll bet it feels great to be able to do what you do for people!
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