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What Room Is Your Cat's Favourite?

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Alfie was born in a down stairs toilet! even now he's 7 months old he is obsessed with the bathroom even if i'm cleaning the bath hes there on the edge, or cleaning my teeth, if the door is open he is in there!! Lily doesnt really have a favourite room like alfie does lol, what about your cats?
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Originally Posted by troublesome2 View Post
Alfie was born in a down stairs toilet!
I just have to ask (I know that we use different terms for things around the world): when you say toilet, are you saying the room that holds what we call the toilet or in the toilet itself (the human version of a litter box)? If in the toilet, how the heck did that happen?

A lot of my cats love the bathroom and I have others that love the bedroom, sun porch, kitchen and living room. I have a lot of cats and they all have their place in the house.
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Toilet = bathroom

My cats don't have a favourite room. Their favourite is whatever one I happen to be in at any given time, LOL
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My kitties 'own' rooms and get upset if the other intrudes.

Boomer owns the bathroom, he will close the door if a human is in there so the others don't follow him in

Bumps is my bedtime buddy, he spends most of the day sleeping on my bed

Scully lives on the loveseat in the livingroom

Magnum likes to rule over the kittyroom (litterboxes / cat tree etc)
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Dino's - is the one that I'm in he's a mommys boy
Pepsi's - is our conservatory - has the cat-flap in, so she can come and go
Miss Moofi - none really she has a favourite rug, wherever that is, shes usually on it
Teddy's - he still has his own room, this is his time out place our basement, but that cos we put him in there
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Nikita is either in the room I'm in which is usually the livingroom or she's in her "Fortress of Solitude" that's her cat carrier. When I got her originally I put the carrier down in the hallway and opened it up to let her come out on her own time and now almost a year later it's still there and it's her safe den. She sleeps there alot.
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My cats like different rooms at different times of day. Morning is living room time mainly because I have a large bay window and from about 7Am to 11Am they follow the sun spots across the floor, sunbathing. After lunch they generally hang out in laundry room sleeping in the cloths basket, and by evening it's Mom's bedroom with short trips to the kitchen just in case there are treats to be had.
And of course the bathroom is a favorite spot, Sassy has a thing about lying stretch out in the bathtub. They both think it is completely rude of me to close the bathroom door and should I make the mistake of doing so I am informed of it quite loudly.
Let's face it the house is theirs, I just pay the rent and provide the food.
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lol it was in a room with a toilet in(down astairs toilet)- its not a bath room because there is no bath lol
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Spooky is preferable to the living room, there are lots of comfy places to sleep. The kids love the spare laundry room, they are big enough to jump up on the ironing board and bask in the sun. Plus there are lots of warm piles of clothes to sleep in.
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