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PLEASE HELP, i am worried bout bella

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Ok so this all started last week, she is making the noise and motions of hairballs but I think she is afraid to actually let it come up, or its coughing I cant tell It had stopped for a few days, and I thought it was the treats I was giving her so I stopped giving them to her and she was fine after that, again And tonite I come home, and I am sitting here getting ready for bed and everything and she starts the noise again, I wasnt home last night so I dont know if this started last night or not, I also dont know what all she ate yesterday and today since I was at my brothers, and its just very concerning to me, the treats were made by purina that i was giving her, idk if she broke into them, I havent gotten a chance to look around yet! I had it all in a bag and it isnt were I had it, my mom also opened a new bag of food which bella has been on for weeks now! So I dont think its her dry food, but I just dont even know where the treats are! So can it be her just afraid to throw up a hariball?? I have seen her fight against a hairball before but for it to happen a few times last week and then start again i just dont know, and it doesnt help that it is easter weekend! Anyone have anything similar to this happen before ?? I am just gonna montior her now, also can it be the weather change it went from 30 degrees to 70 degrees then back down to the 30's!
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ok i am pretty sure she has a uri, i think she got it from the weather change and went it went dramastically my dad had forgotten to turn on the heat, but I was up and i had put on a little room heater, and turned it off of course, but thats wht I am thinking! Today she hasnt inmprved she has no temperature or nothing just sneezes alot, and none of the other cats are sneezing, we do have clavonmox in the pill form but I have no idea on how to give her that, or how much at that shes a 10lber lol like with most cats u can put pills in their food, well all she eats is dry food so im not sure wat to do, maybe put it in a piece of lunch meat i havent heard her coughing today, just the sneezes, but alst night is when she was coughing and she only did it at night
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It isn't usually a good idea to give a medication unless it is indicated. You mention that she is sneezing, but no fever ... when she sneezes, is there a lot of discharge of mucous? What color is the mucous? Unless you are certain that a bacterial infection is what is causing this, I wouldn't give her antibiotics. Consider calling your vet to see what he suggests.
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theres not much coming out except "wet" sneezes she sneezed all on m face earlier i am pretty sure its a uri because this is how she was the last time she got one, and that was when stormie came here and how she had the bad uri, all the other kitties seem to be completely fine! But my mom does plan on calling the vet to get his opinion and also to ask about the pills, She isnt sure how much to give her, last time we had the liquid, and then it was really hard to give it to her, i actually had to put it on some fruit chews and she would lick it off of that, so I am hoping that the pills work better we just gotta wait to talk to him!!!
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what is a uri?
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URI~Upper Respiratory Infection (kitty cold)

Could it possibly be something due to the changing weather? I'm trying to decide if my sneezing kitty has an URI or is just struggling with allergies. She has a history of both, so for now, I'm watching her and I've increased her Lysine to 1000mg/day. She's only sneezed once or twice a day, if at all, over the past 4 days or so.

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see thats what we thought it was the changing of the weather so much, but she has gotten bad, so we called the vet and he knew we had pills of clavomox and he told us to give them to her 2 times a day which is very hard to do! Bella almost bite my mothers hand off i put it in lunch meat and she just licked around it, what a smarty i know lol, but then it fell in the sink and there was a lil bit of water because bella was drinking from the sink so the faucet was on really low, and well it disolved and i put it on my finger and she licked it off but hey she got it in her But tonites gonna be interesting, any one got any suggestions on how to give her her pills ??
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