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how can i bond

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what are some are good way's to bond with ny new baby kitten? i can hold her but whenever i put her down to "play" with her she runs away? any ideas
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Get a toy on a string or pole and play with it with her. She might be running because kitties have the attention span of a gnat and are in constant motion! Also, if you haven't had her for long, she hasn't come to associate you with food and "her" human. One thing that's always worked with me to bond with my girls is brushing them. They love that!

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How old is your kitten? Did she come from a home type situation, shelter, or was she semi feral?
Food works best
Brushing, petting, cuddling, generally any soft reassuring touches like the mother cat would do help. Talk to her and try not to walk up to fast when she's on the floor. Better yet, get down on her level.
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well if your kitten is like mine and is semi feral, i doubt she will really break that habit. My kitten lets me hold her but as soon as i put her down she runs away. As for playing with her for the most part she amuses herself and ignores teasers and other toys. What does work for my cat is using a wand toy where its like a fishing rod. She will play with that because i think it keeps the distance between us. Also when approaching her try to be on her level that way you are less intimidating. Also try to hand feed her it associates you and your hand with good things. Good luck
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my suggestion is to try different toys, it pretty much goes with their personalitys, i have a laser light which out of 6 cats 2 go nuts for and willie will play with it once in a while but they all have their preferances and i had the fishing toy and only one out of 6 cats liked it the others were scared of it, so i would suggest trying different toys! Also the kittens stormie and blue are the ones that go nuts for the laser light, but willie is also 11 years old and likes it sometimes, now i went to my brothers and his 1 year old and 8 month kitten also went nuts for it, just try different toys! And also different approaches and also alot of patience
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Females have a tendency to be a little more independent. Ling will sit in your lap and be cuddled for a very short time - then she has better things to do. She does more interacting with people if they have the string toys. She comes to you on HER terms - otherwise if you want to pick her up, she runs.

Kittens are too busy unless sleepy to be interested in you for awhile. So just interact more with string toys, feathers, and lots of petting. As she gets older, she probably will be more willing to come to you for attention.

How old is the kitten? And where did you get her?
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If you just got your kitten, she may just want to check everything out and play. It's not that she doesn't like you, she may just have too much energy to sit still for long, or she may not be used to you yet. Also, mine don't like to play with "me". If I pretend to attack them with my hands, they just hold still or roll over and expect me to pet them or groom them. They never get that I'm playing and they won't bat at me or nibble on me like they do to each other. It used to bother me but they seem to love me so I take it as they expect love and affection from me. My 4 mo old female kitten will let me pick her up and she cuddles me for about 45 seconds before she's ready to get down and take off again But she always comes back later for more lovin'. I agree with short attention spans and high energy.
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she is about 1/2 to 2 months old, i diddnt get her from another home my cat scooter had her. she dosent have any feral in her thank god, i know ferals are not to social lol.
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Give the ol' feather on the end of a stick a try. I have had eight cats and this has never failed to pique their interest. And I have always wore out long before any of the cats have!
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lol ill try that
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If she's only 6-8 weeks old, that's really too young to be separated from mom and siblings. They are just beginning to learn to be a cat and you have reactions like you are getting. My rex kittens did not react and want to play with people till they were 3 months old - up till then siblings were FAR more important.
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