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I think this is it!

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Hey guys i think this is it. Azellas folowing me around everywhere. She normally is a very quiet cat she talks mostly through her body language. she has been talking to me alot today,snooping around all day. Up Down Up Down. She jumped into her playpen this evening and layed down for a bit. jumped back out.. I know it's soon! I can feel it. Does that sound weird? She is not eating as much but she is still eating. Might have some easter baby's

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Fingers crossed Jenn! I'm on baby watch too lol
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I hope she has them tonight so you can have easter babies! good luck keep us posted!
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oooo..........more babies on the way sending calming & healthy (((((( vibes ))))))) for Azellas !

Keep us posted !!
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I was just checking in to see if there were any updates yet.... I'll check back!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
I was just checking in to see if there were any updates yet.... I'll check back!
baby patrol checking in..........
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any news yet ??
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Butterball did the same thing, she followed me around constantly the few days leading up to giving birth. How is she doing now?
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How exciting! Any babies yet???
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Come on Azella....Olivia is waiting to follow your example lol....

Hope all is well with Azella...any update?
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No! Where are the babies? What is she doing to me.. I'm already crazy
Ok so she nesting all thru the night I woke up 4 times last night thinking i heard something. Just azella snooping around in every dresser drawer the kids had left open. she checked out her 5* suite and said *Eahh it's alright* jumped right back out. She was a busy girl last night. In the last 2 nights she has jumped up on my bed with me. (she has not done that at all..)She only stayed for 10 min.. got right back off..

I'm gonna post some updated pics of her from last night. so u can she how big she has gotten.. Big Mamma

thanks for checking up on me,I mean Azella
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You know they drag this out just to drive us crazy!

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It's just plain mean isn't it?
Azella how could you...When my batteries charge i will get the new pics up
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heres those pics i told you guys i would post..

Top view

last to are in http

didn't she blow up..?

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Aww, what a pretty tabby you have! She does look like it could be soon. Keep us posted.
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Any news on Azella???
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wow shes getting big!
I figuered i'd check in too, just like minxie. so anythign new?
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How is Azella today? that third photo of her is absolutely darling. She is going to have very pretty babies.
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She went to the Doc today. She is ok... Doc said that it should be anyday now. She also told me how to check for milk,that way when time came. I would know for sure because she said Azella was on the Petite side. She also said there were more than 4 in there. I thought 4 nope. she said 6 to 8. So we are looking at a possible C-Section.. will see. I hope all goes easy and well for her. I just want her to be ok.
Dr. just could not beleive how big she had gotten...

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Oh, I am so glad you took her to the vet and learned how many little ones could be in there. I will be sending easy birthing vibes.
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I hope she has a nice and easy labor delivering all those babies also! We can't wait for pics of her kittens
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Thanks for the update on how she is doing. I hope she goes naturally and everything goes smooth. Can't wait to hear all about it.
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Oh wow! 6 to 8 babies! Sending lots of good luck vibes for a safe delivery for mama and babies. I am sure they will all be gorgeous!
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