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Pet Lover's needed for sick Kitty

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I am making a plea on behalf of my friend Lisa and her cat Gremmie.
Gremmie has been taken care of in every regard over the past few years. Gremmie is the cat that has his own litter hut for privacy; the cat that when shaven (due to his naturally thick coat) has a distinct hair style to suit his rebel personality, often complimented with a pink Mohawk. He is the cat that once he knows you will come to you for affection. I spent many nights when Lisa and I lived together snuggling with Gremmie in my own bed.
Recently Gremmie developed an abscess in the back of his neck, which caused him to observe many symptoms. When he got to the vet the next day, the abscess was accidentally popped during a routine procedure and many procedures were taken (including the installing of a shunt and heavy antibiotic treatments). Most recently, Gremmie has developed a threatening respiratory complication that was unable to be diagnosed with routine testing. The next step to save Gremmie is a $1200.00 procedure from a specialist.
Lisa has already spent her savings, a total of $1800.00 on the original veterinarian bill. Now, the only option is to try to raise money through the charity of others. I myself have donated $100.00 for the cause. I’m asking people to donate at least a dollar. For the price of a soda, each of you can help this procedure.
Today, I overheard Lisa tell her grandmother that she (along with her grandmother) hoped that cats go to Heaven too (in the event that she cannot fund this procedure). I haven’t felt that way since I was fourteen years old. When I lost my pet, I never wanted another. Lisa still holds that attachment to her pet. Please for Gremmie, give up at least one soda, one pack of gum, one lottery ticket for Gremmie.
Please go to his web site www.savegremmie.com and help
This is not a get rich quick scam; you can actually send a donation directly to Gremmie's Vet.

Thank You for Your Time,
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Many prayers coming that way.
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Thanks so much. We are desperate, this is a last dich effort to save her best friend.
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I wish I could help,but my hubby just lost a dear friend and we are doing what we can to help his family.
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We have already received over $200 in help from strangers. If you could at least mention www.savegremmie.com to everyone you know that would help out allot. We have looked into some organizations that help sick pets, however, Gremmie needs this procedure very soon and the organizations require allot of red tape, and then you might not still be deemed acceptable.
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Sending good vibes your way...

If you do a search on this site for agencys that might help you may find some
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Have you tried airing your cause on local radio/newpaper? Never know it may help? Good vibes going out to Gremmie.

This sad occurence is a reminder about pet insurance to the rest of us, but too late for Lisa/Gremmie unfortunately .
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Perhaps it would help if you posted the name of her vet so that folks could donate directly to the vet's office. Some folks feel more comfortable donating directly to the vet.
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This is the specialist that Gremmie has been reffered to.

Veterinary Medical Specialists
1410 Monument Blvd
Concord, CA 94520

Its also on www.savegremmie.com
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