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Not eating after dental (sorry long)

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Well, two of my cats had their dentals on Thursday and one of them is all back to normal but the other one is not eating very well or should I say at all and seems a little bit leathargic. I should also mention that both of them had couple of tooth extractions due to resorptive lesions. They are on metacam and antibiotics. I was worried a little bit and took Jonah(the one that is not feeling 100%) to the vet this morning and the vet thought that Jonah was not in pain and since he wasn't deydrated and everything else seemed ok told us not to worry that he is just probably little bit stressed over this. I should also say that this cat has never been a finicky eater and that I offer him both wet and dry food and he refuses both. I basically wanted to find out if any of you have had similar experiences after dantals. He is normal weight so I guess not at risk that much of a fatty liver disease due to fasting but I am still worried. Is there anthing that I should do in your opinions. Tonight I just couldn't stand any longer and forcefed him a little bit of wet food and he hated it and rebelled prety badly. I also forgot to mention that the vet gave him a shot of cortisone I think with antibiotic and said that should help with his apetite. No progress yet. Sorry this is so long. Any advice is appriciated.
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Both of my girls always have hearty appetites after dentals, but I don't give them as much food as they'd like due to the anesthesia wearing off and I don't want them to throw up. Anyway, have you tried warming up the wet food just enough to make the aroma stronger? That might entice him to eat. Also, if your kitty likes tuna, add some tuna juice to the wet food to see if he'll eat it like that.

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Ok, today he is not eating today, he even refuses his most favorite salmon treats. He seems to be in good spirits but almost as something is bothering in his throat and doesn't want to eat. So worried. I hope my baby gets better soon. I think I am going to ait until tomorrow morning and if no progress I am taking him to the vet again. I wonder if he got injured when they were putting the tubing for anesthesia and the site is bothering him, but than he is on antiinflaamtory so you will think that will take any discomfort away.
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Their throats can get irritated from the tube. In the past I've noticed that there will be a kind of raspy noise when they breath, it sounds like it's from the lungs but in that case it comes from the trachea. Sometimes they'll cough too. 2 of my girls got that after thier spays...the vet sent home antibiotics, but you've got that covered already. You are right to be concerned about the lack of eating though. Can you try some warm chicken broth or something, preferably home made or the low sodium type if it's from the store...and/or some plain meat baby food, stage 2 I think is just meat.

I think your plan to call the vet tomorrow is good.
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