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EJ is sick !!!!

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Hi All,

I have a few questions...My EJ has been sick since last sunday. My husband and I took him to the vet on Tuesday and the doctor game him some clavamox, an antibiotic and cleaned out his ears of ear mites... Since then he has gotten better, he has been running around the house all day today, but he has no appetite, we gave him some cat chow, his regular food, and we also tried to feed him some nine lives, but all he seems to do is lick the juice from the food. This morning he also throw up some food he ate...but I think the antobiotics are making him sick b/c he hasnt really eatin anything I am really uneasy about him, not eating...I know he is feeling better, but I just dont know what to do...What should I feed him? Should I take him back to the vet? Or will he get better?

EJ and Shiniqua
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Clavamox is known for making kittens have an upset stomach. I'd call the vet on Monday and let him know the situation and see what they have to say. You may try feeding him a few treats or somethign tasty like a little bit of tuna. I put a little pinch of tuna on my kitties regular food once she finished the tuna she proceded to eat her regular dry food.
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If you feel that the antibiotics are making him vomit you should contact your veterinarian because it would be best to switch meds if this is the case.

You didn't mention why he's on the antibiotics. If he has something like an upper respiratory infection he may not feel like eating if he cannot smell his food well. If this is the case try to find a really smelly food he'll like and heat it up for a half minute. Sometimes heating the food will encourage a kitty to eat.
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If you kitty is vomiting, you really do not want to introduce much solid food in his stomach. Chicken broth would be good, it will help his dehydration issue and make his tummy feel a little better. Don't buy the canned though, (it has way to much salt in it) Just boil some chicken and then give kitty the broth.

First thing to always check with kitties who are off is their temperature? Is he running one?
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